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What do you think of Canada?

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  • What do you think of Canada?

    A thread in the welcome members has me curious...

    As a French Canadian, my view of the United-States is based on what I see on TV daily since I watch mostly American shows & channels, on American movies, and on American websites.

    And my trip 15 years ago to Wildwood beach, where cops pulled over next to me while I was stopped in a garage parking lot looking at a map trying to find a restaurant for supper. It was about 7:00pm in the tourist section on a main street in front of the beach access ( not even dark yet), and the cops told me to get my *** out of there because it was unsafe and dangerous for me to get robbed . That did not leave me with a good impression of your country: I haven't returned since .

    I've watched West Wing and many movies involving your legislative system, I watched Ally McBeal ( OK there are better shows about lawyers)and COPS and CSI and many movies involving your legal system and many movies about your military system. Also the news, special presentations, presidential addresses, etc... And I've read Lescoart, Grisham Crichton and numerous others (I love to read)

    I think I have a good idea of what your country is about.

    As US citizens, what is your impression of my country?
    What do you know about Canada, our justice system, our social system and our legislative system?
    What so you know about our demography, geography, history?
    How do you perceive us?

    And I would ask the same question to our friends from abroad, how do you perceive Canada and Canadians ( and dare I add Quebec'ers to the equation)?

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    The first thing I think of when somebody says, "Canada" is the Iranian hostage crisis. Remember that? I thought the Canadians who smuggled Americans out of Iran despite considerable danger to themselves were so brave.


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      My mother's family was from Quebec. My impression is that they're human versions of rabbits (my mother was 1 of 23 children) . I have to admit, what I know about Canada is fairly limited to what Bob and Doug MacKenzie told us, eh, LOL. I like Rush though (the Band, not the political commentator). When folks here talk about universal health care, I use Canada's as an example of why I'm not in favor of it. Overall, I think of it as cleaner, less crowded and with lower crime. Wildwood was probably not the best spot to get a taste of Americana. I worked extensively with people from one of our facilities in Owen Sound and spent some time in Toronto. To be honest, I don't recall ever meeting a rude Canadian and living in the Northeast US rudeness is all too common and annoys the heck out of me.
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        Well not that my name would show it but I am a new Canadian. I just became a citizen this year.
        There are many similarities between Canada and the US.
        Most of the differences are political.

        Canada is a country loaded with natural resources. Canadians are generally very easy going and sometimes we let ourselves get exploited along the way.
        I am proud of what we represent and how the world receives us.

        I am envious of the Americas patriotism, it is something we need more of here.
        Unlike Kevin, I really like the health care system. I am fortunate enough to have mine paid by my job, I also pay into an extended benefit plan which reimburses my prescriptions.

        I love the fact that we can enjoy freedom of speech to the point of having television shows lampooning our politicians and their sometimes crazy decisions.

        Living so close to the US border I do get to see the subtle diffferences between our cultures, like the width of the road sholders, the location of telephone poles the price of fuel and the lack of color in the paper money.

        We are brothers and sisters on the same continent, for the most part we get along.

        I am proud to live here and equally proud to have my neighbors to the south. even if they do say their words funny.
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          I work at a National Laboratory (
          I have worked with just about every nationality and religion there is.
          I am currently working with a young French Canadian who is one of the funniest most dedicated young scientist I have hade the pleasure of knowing.
          Plus I also belong to the TVR sports car club and a big chunk of our membership is Canadian and I have had the chance to party with them. My overal impression is that you guys are absolutly nuts, fun loving, warm and freindly and I am proud to be your neighbor to the south.
          A final note you can't judge a country by its politics or leaders. I think this forum is a better representation of what the American people are really like.
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            Politics is a very dangerous topic. Yes, Canada and the US do have some political differences. Heck - the US has strong political differences within it's own borders. That is all I will say about that topic.

            There is a kinship to our countries. Both countries were both settled by foreigners that wanted a better chance at life. Our countries had tremendous untapped land resources. These people had a very difficult time, but for the most part made it on their own through hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. This spirit is alive and well. Though I will say it is decreasing some in the US, particularly on the coasts. (And I said I would not say anything more about politics).

            I know for a fact that in the US, anyone, and I mean anyone, can be successful through this same spirit of hard work and perseverance. I think the same opportunity exists in Canada.

            I have met many Canadians that I consider friends. There are many more things we can both agree on than disagree. I for one am glad we have our neighbors to the north.

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              Cool topic.

              I, unfortunately, have never had the pleasure of visiting our neighbors to the north. Not by choice, it just hasn't worked out as of yet. My view of Canada is . . . unique. Yeah, uniuqe, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

              The first thing I think of when I think of Canada is winter and all the things that go with it. Being from Wisconsin originally, I should know better. Most people in this country probably think the same thing, we have two seasons winter and almost winter.

              I also know that polar bear live there which are my favoritest animal. I would have one for a pet, but the hubby tells me it wouldn't be a good idea (that's a whole 'nother thread subject).

              I also think of hockey and vast stretches of wilderness. I know people live in Canada but in my mind they don't actually live in big cities. I guess I watched too much Dudley Doright cartoons as a kid and have this vision of most people living in the forest. I can't explain it, that's just the way it is. I know this isn't the case, that there are plenty of large cities in Canada, none of them, however are in my Canada.

              I also have heard that most Canadians are easy going, almost to the pushover stage. They don't want to upset anyone. My guess is they don't care for confrontation.

              I envision a wide open, gorgeous country that gets more than it's share of snow and cold. I know Canada has more than that to offer, but just about everything I've watched on TV is nature/animal related. I think that's where my vision of Canada comes from.

              Canada, especially Churchill in the fall, is one of my vacation dream destinations, for the polar bear excursions. Aruba was tops on my dream vacation destinations and I was able to visit there 3 years ago when I thought I would never get there, so Canada doesn't seem so far fetched. I'll get there at some point. Alaska is another dream destination, although I want to do an Alaskan cruise and the hubby won't get on a cruise ship with all the trouble they have with folks getting sick.

              I told you my vision was . . . unique.
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                Marcel.....regarding your last post in the "beginners" might like the reading in this link. . I once did a paper,when I was attending Southern Illinois University, comparing the incidence of violence/crime in Germany prior to and after the introduction of television. I don't remember any of the actual statistics but I do remember that the pre vs. post television incidence of crime and violence was absolutely startling. The link is a pretty good read if you like that kind of info.
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                  I generally have a pretty positive impression of Canada and Canadians. I tend to regard Canadians as friendly and pretty laid back and when I think if Canada, I visualize the beauty of it's vast wilderness. I also think of long cold winters, especially when those Alberta Clippers pour frigid air across Lake Erie and give us Pennsylvanians a taste of what real winter weather can be like.

                  My wife and daughters have been to Montreal a couple times and came back with positive impressions, although there was a dead body found in the alley outside the hotel where my oldest daughter was staying a few years ago on a school band trip. That's another story.

                  I do find it interesting (and a little unnerving) how much we (myself included) rely on pop culture images to form our opinions of people, events, countries & cultures. I suppose as long as those impressions are generally positive, then no harm done, but as an American, I don't see a whole lot on movies & TV that accurately represents what I believe America and AMericans are all about. I suppose the same holds true for Canadians, Germans, Japanese (insert your choice of nationality here).
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                    Ive been through Canada a few times, when I traveled up to Alaska ,and Ive got to say it is one of the most beautiful places Ive ever been and the people are so nice up there and always helpful . The lands and mountains are gorgeous and I really enjoyed the drives I took going through Edmonton and Calgary ,and BC. Had alot of fun and met alot of nice people
                    The politics I have no clue about ,heck I dont know even know much about the politics in the US lol and the history well I was terrible at history in school so thats out too lol

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                      Marcel, I don't have any opinions of Canada. Been there once to Vancover and it was beautiful. So I guess I have to be like you. See if I can find some Canadian TV Stations so I can tell what your country is like??????
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                        The only thing that enters my mind when I think Canada, is FISHING!

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                          I forgot about the Red Green show.

                          I have seen that on PBS. It's hilarious.

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                            I won in trip to Expo '67 in Montreal. was on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls in '68, canoed in Quetico in '73 and '76, fished the Canadian side of Lake Erie in '89 and '90 and drove to Atikokan in '92. Does that qualify me as a resident? It's a beautiful country with friendly people. I wouldn't mind living there except for the cold winters and snow. I know some areas don't get as much snow or as cold as Chicago, but I've seen enough of both in my lifetime.
                            Given the choice, I'd take the cold over 100+ temps. You can always put on more clothes, but when you take off too much you have problems.

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                              Only been to Canada one time.
                              I remember watching Sargent Preston of the Royal Mount Candian Police when I was a kid on TV( boy that was a long time ago ) I know more Candians from wood working forums and most of them seem OK to me.
                              I'm glad we have you guys living just north of us.

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