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Kevins story reminded me of this one

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  • Kevins story reminded me of this one

    Did you ever hear the ancient tale of the Indian mystic Ghandi??
    In those days people were extremely poor and it was a constant battle to survive each new day.
    Ghandi could not afford sandals so had to walk everywhere in just his bare feet and as a result had terrible blisters and callouses. His diet was very poor too which meant he didn't get all the vitamins and nutrients needed, so he was a very frail man who suffered from really bad breath.
    You could say he was a super calloused fragile mystic, hexed by hallitosis.
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    Hey, i've heard of him ! He's the same mystic who approached a hot dog stand and said ....." Make me one with everything "
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      You guys are KILLING ME!

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      God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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        LMAO Carl!!!! That one's going out in the e-mails tomorrow.
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          True story.

          In Scotland there's a football club in Glasgow called Celtic. This team dominates its league and usually represents its country in European competitions.

          There's also an insignificant little club from the Highlands called Caledonian Thistle which never did anything noteworthy; until they played mighty Celtic a couple of years ago in a domestic cup competition. It was the shock of the century when Caledonian Thistle played Celtic off the park and knocked them out of the cup.

          The next day, the headline in one newspaper read,

          Super Cally Go Ballistic. Celtic Are Atrocious
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            I love humour with wit, and English spelling!
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              an old rock hound

              It just goes to show that even the mightest can't take everything for granite and sometimes even the gneiss guys win one. ps. - I was trained as a geologist and taught earth science for 20+ years.
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