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    Just wondering if anyone has advice on which bench tool I should purchase first.
    I spent 8 hours cleaning the garage out and sorting through the kids toys, so I could get a corner for a workshop. I am currently building shelves and a bench for mounting bench tools. What I am in the need for is whether you all think I will need a band saw or a scroll saw first. I can only purchase one of these at the moment and it may be a while till I can get the other.
    My main interest is in relief carving & walking sticks, but I may find interest in other things. You all have inspired me a great deal with your work and who knows what I may do in the future.
    Thanks in advance for all your input!

    Happy & Safe Carving!


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    Re: Power Equipment

    Brad, If you think that you may also want to do some scrollsaw art, the scroll saw is the one to buy. You can cut a section about 1-2' thick with a scroll saw. A band saw is faster and can usually cut thicker material but not the intricate designs you can make on a scroll saw. I actually use my belt sander more than either of them! You can cut roughouts with a coping saw or a Japanese pull saw. The ability to shape and finish sand wood quickly is the domain of the belt sander. Whatever you buy, buy a good quality tool and buy one bigger than you think you will ever need.


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      Re: Power Equipment

      Brad, I have both and use the scroll saw more. But then I also do fret work and purchase an Industrial grade scroll saw from RBI. It is the Hawk 220 and have not regretted it. But then, It is a little more than most people want to spend. DeWalt has a nice one the 788 but then it is $300+. Either saw has it purpose. I find that my blanks are cut with either saw. The Cap'n is correct tho, you can cut out a blanks using hand tools.
      Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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        Re: Power Equipment

        For walking sticks and relief carving and around-the-house wood projects, my vote goes for a 14' bandsaw.


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          Re: Power Equipment

          My vote goes with Rick! At the very least a 12' and better yet a 14' bandsaw. With an 8th inch blade you can do some fairly precise scrollwork, 1/4 to 3/8 blade roughout work, and with 1/2' blade some reasonable resawing.I've even seen some 14' saws that clain to handle a 3/4' blade, but I can't remember right off hand which ones they were. that would make a right smart re-saw setup! With a decent rip fence and miter guage, you can do some small work that can be done on a table saw. That scroll saw is a pretty darn versatile piece of equipment.



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            Re: Power Equipment

            I'm with Rick in Seattle - If you can only have one, and for the work your describing, the band saw is the more versitile of the two. Especially on a limited budget. I also agree with him on size; Think Big. If you do opt for the scroll saw don't buy anything more inexpensive than the DeWalt. You really do get what you pay for in scroll saws. Ease of operation, smoothness, bearings instead of bushings, etc.


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              Re: Power Equipment

              Thanks everyone! This does help me out a lot.
              I may eventually have both, but am trying to keep the budget down for now. I live in florida and the season is gonna slow for for my business for about two months. Don't want to spend to much and get yelled at if you know what I mean.

              Thanks again!



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                Re: Power Equipment

                I am a newbe to this messageboard so please correct me if I should be starting a new thread or replying in this one???

                I have a question about hand power tools? Sometime ago I remember seeing an Ad for a Power Detail carving tool, it looked like a recpricoting chisel, I believe it can also be purchased as an flex shaft attachment for a rotary tool? I can't seem to locate any in my area, can anyone let me know where I might find one and possibly a Mfg name?



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                  Re: Power Equipment

                  Hello! Michael,

                  I guess it's ok for your question here, but it may have gotten more attention if you started a new post. There are a lot of wonderful and experienced people on this board. Welcome!

                  As an answer to your question , there are a few reciprocating carvers out on the market. If you go to:


                  You will find three possable choices.

                  AUTOMACH Power Carver is around $300.00 ( U.S. Dollars ) and is an independent reciprocating carving tool. I believe it comes with five laminated tips.

                  PROXXON SGM Motorized Carver is around $130.00 ( U.S. Dollars ) and is an independent reciprocating carving tool. This one comes with three tips and will accept others.

                  If you have a Dremel or a Foredom rotary tool they
                  ( Woodcraft ) have a reciprocating attachment for them. This attachment is around $50.00 ( U.S. Dollars ). It will accept all flexcut tips.

                  If you do a search for reciprocating carvers on
                  you may find a dealer with more choices or one that is closer to where you live.

                  Good luck and again welcome to the CW message board.



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                    Re: Power Equipment

                    Welcome Michael!! I have the Proxxon Reciprocating carver, which I love, including the carving tips that came with it. I also have the Flex Shaft reciprocating attachment for my dremel, I love it too!
                    The wonderful thing about the reciprocating carvers is that you can really speed up your rough out time. These carvers are small enough to get your piece (my largest carving is 12' high) down to 'hand carving' in no time. I have tendinitis in the joint below my thumbs and it really helps to use these the tendinitis trying to rough out with hand gouges!!
                    I got my Proxxon from MDI Woodcarvers Supply, another great place to order carving supplies from. Good luck! Callynne


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