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    A friend over on this side of the Pond has told me how much she admires American quilts and would love to have a go. She's done a bit of sewing in her time but really doesn't know where to start with such a project.

    Can anyone give me some tips that I might pass on to her, or possibly point out some websites that might be useful for a beginner? I know this is a woodworking forum, but so many people here are skilled in a variety of other crafts that I felt this was the best place to look for guidance.


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    Sew, someone had to reply

    Try these links

    Quilt is building a sleek and intelligent ductless heat pump system for the home. Quilt offers AI-driven efficiency and room-by-room control—all while leaving fossil fuels behind.

    I will leave the rest of the info to someone who knows what they are talking about.
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      HGTV has a show called "Simply Quilts". The host(ess) is a very positive person, and her guests often show ways to make really spiffy looking quilts with less work than a traditional quilter would use. I don't know if you folks get our shows, but they also have a website - All the instructions are supposed to be on there. Should be inspiring for your friend, if nothing else. I often watch this one when I have access to a TV, as it is one of the few neat programs on at 5:30 am here. Good for the treadmill time.


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        Quilts sister does quilting and makes some really beautiful stuff. I'll ask if she has any books or other reference material for getting started. She hand stitches all her work and her quilts sell for $200.00 and up. I have another friend who decorates her own quilt squares with 8"x10" iron on photograph transfers which really personalizes them for those who commission her work. I'll call Sis right now and see what I can do
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          She has a book......."somewhere". I'll let you know when she locates it and will mail it to ya.
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            Thanks guys .

            All information gratefully received!

            There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
            (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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              My wife is a quilter and she said her favourite books are by Georgia Bonesteel (apparently she is quite good).You can find her here .

              I hope your friend finds what she needs.

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                AH! Gill,
                Quilting, another fantastic, life consumming, money eating, hobby.
                I quilted for years before I got my scroll saw and switched to wood. I would suggest your friend pick up the book "Lets Make a Patchwork Quilt". Unfortunately I can't tell you who wrote or published the book, because my mother has it and I can't remember. This book is full of patterns, for beginner, intermediate and advanced, instructions, choosing fabric and amounts, etc. I learned most of my quilting from this one book. If my link to photobucket works, you can go there and have a look at some of the quilts I have made, most of them came from this book. The book does focus on traditional patterns and techniques.
                Tell your friend to be very careful though, quilting can be every bit as addictive as scrolling.
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                  My wife spends all her spare time quilting.
                  Here is a king size one she gave to our youngest son and his wife.
                  She is making a new quilt for every one of our grandchildren to take with them when they become of age to leave home.
                  She gets lots of tips and ideas from quilting forums much in the same way as we get ours from woodworking forums.


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                    Gosh now you are intering into one of my other absetions. simply Quilts is a good place to start. lots of learning there. and now she will be addicted to this now too. your friend Evie. I am not only a wood and tool junky, but a thread and fabrick junkie. here is one of my quilts. I hope. your friend Evie. this is my quilt in my bed room, and the back board is quilted too. the pillows are also my quilts. and the widow cornes board. i will help anyway i can. Evie
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