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    I'm doing an outside show this weeked and so far it's been a complete flop. Last year my work was flying off the walls and this year nothing so far. Other venders are crying also ! The attendence is way way down due to the intense heat , but those that have shown up make nice comments and keep moving. It was extremely hot yesterday and it is suppose to be hotter today. Anyone have any quick suggestions. I think my prices are fair , although my work as a rule is a little pricey. besides , folks arent really even asking price too much, they just talk about the heat. You can see the type of work I do in the gallery and I know from previous shows that people like my work. Any quick suggestions, I have one more day of sunbathing if I dont come up with some idea . I think the attendence will be up today, but so will the heat. I have three hrs before I go to the show, I need suggestions from all you wizzards !!! lol Either way, it's a beautiful setting down at the ohio river. I have fun doiing it !!! Tks All, Rain Man

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    A Rant

    I know that in North America, gas (energy) prices are still low compared to EU and elsewhere; but still ---

    What does amaze me is that the craft show you are talking about, there are still people who have disposable income to spend on 'crafts'. Maybe it is a regional thing, where Ohio, Michigan and Illinois are harder hit with reduction in disposable income than elsewhere, but I really think it is all across the USA and Canada.

    {The following is a rant}
    The cost of energy is slowly eroding into the fabric of the economy. Prices of everything will sooner or later be affected as the added cost of energy. From the cost of fuel for trucks, heating and cooling of the stores, to the extra cost of the consumer to get to the stores.

    So, will someone explain to me just how the 'Federal Policy Makers' (you know, the talking heads on TV) can state with a straight face that the cost of energy is having only a very minor affect on the economy?

    {several long paragraphs deleted so I won't offend anyone}

    I predict the cost of wood will rise at least 20% with in the next few months as new timber is harvested and dried. This new wood will simply cost much more in energy to harvest and bring to the market place. Now add the cost of energy you have in making, producing, and bring to market (craft shows) your products. Next summer you may have an energy inflation of 10% on your products. Therefore, will your customers be willing and able to purchase your craft products and the higher rates?

    Enough of my Rant



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      I'm not sure what your set-up is, but hopefully you have shade!! If I was walking through a show in the heat, I'm not sure if I would spend much time browsing and buying either - Any way to cool down your spot so people spend more time in your booth? battery powered fans? cool mist? (keep the mist off the wood tho - probably a bad idea, but trying to brainstorm) Stay positive and keep smiling, no matter how bad it is!
      I do hope today is better for you than yesterday.


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        I had a idea and it gave me a headache but try it anyway

        Rainman Being a person that loves her scrolling I have done all phases of it with the exception of intarsia. but since all of my work is sold from my home I don't have to go to the craft shows anymore - but my son still goes and tells me what is being done and how it is selling. But it seems to hold true here at home as well as at the craft fairs as well. I love to do the portrates and landscapes and animals .. but they aren't for everyone. so give them something that everyone will want. --which is what I do now and I am selling everything I make and people are saying MAKE ME ONE with out any problem.. Try the boxes and the plant stands and the things that will fit into everyones home. Picture frames are good too. Heck I noticed the new issue has a deer lamp I am dying to make . Seems that the boxes and crosses sell them selves and no matter what type of decore a persons home is they always love the pretty scrolled boxes and baskets, I have yet to make a box- basket or cross that I didn't sell at least 5 of you can also do a better job of them and have less bad spots if you use a good 1/4 inch poplar or cedar or other such .. Try it if you want but I am convinced from now on the 1/4 inch hardwood will be my wood of choise. I have a lot of pieces splitting using BBP and the solid just cuts better. I even use a # 7 blade on a lot of it.
        hope this helps you and anyone else who may want to give it a try.


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          Don't be discouraged by some slow sales but I think we are all going to have to get more used to it .
          Phil said a mouthfull in these few words
          but I really think it is all across the USA and Canada.
          It sure is true and for the reasons he stated. You think fuel is expensive in USA ? ? You should check out our prices in Canada . $4.65 to $5.75 a gallon and rising almost weekly. People still like to look at our stuff but only the rich can afford it and unfortunately the rich have a tendacy to shop at upscale air conditioned boutiques with their high prices and they don't mind paying big bucks there.
          And yes . . so true about the escalating price of wood. I have got to the point where the type of nice wood required for scrolling is just too expensive anymore where I live and it is one of the reasons that I am doing more lathe turning all the time because the wood is free so I am able to keep my prices down to a saleable level because I only have my time and equipment to consider rather than having to add on the price of expensive wood and the extra time required to make things by the scrollsawing method..
          Even turnings that should be bringing (as an example) $75.00 are only bringing about $39.00 but at least it is better than having my scrollsawed items priced at below my cost and still not selling.
          I have made literally hundreds of fretwork clocks over the years and they always sold very easilly yet the same clocks are not selling now . The quality is the same as before so it has to be due to the facts like Phil pointed out.
          It boils down to the price of fuel and escalating taxes and other factors on the consumers viewpoint and the price of wood and supplies on us the makers of the products.
          Scrolling is a wonderfull hobby and great for making gifts for family and friends but it seems that the ones that are doing it to make some extra cash are gradually finding it harder to even break even.
          It does not apply to all areas but it sure does apply to where a lot of us live.
          I envy the people that claim their stuff is still selling real well. They live in a better economic region than the majority anymore.


          The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

          Delta P-20 Scroll Saw, 14" x 43" Craftex Wood Lathe and Jet 10" Mini Lathe .


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            Can you get some ice and set up a fan behind blowing into your booth? Chunk ice will last longer than cubes. That will cool things off a bit and might be just what you need to get people into your booth and keep them there long enough to buy something.

            Another thought would be if you have a big canister you can fill (and keep filled) with ice water. Hand it out to folks and that will get them to stop and stay for a bit too.

            Good luck.

            Pat Lupori


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              I just went to a big flea market 3 weeks ago. Vendors there was experincing the same problem. The sells have falling off because of the energy cost people are more selected to there needs. Alot of the vendors are not even having booths because its costing more for the expense to get there and to try selling than the profits they are getting. So just hang in there hopefully it will get better.


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