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A scroll saw expert of two months

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  • A scroll saw expert of two months

    Howdy all.
    As a scroll saw expert of two months, I thought id pass along this experience so others may learn from my knowledge. I purchased a scroll saw video and watched as this guy cut out the Mona Lisa in just two seconds spinning the wood like a top. Of course I said no problem I can do that. So off to the garage.

    First a few definitions of some terms you’ll see.
    zzzrrrrr = means saw is happy and cutting
    deedum = im happy and cutting
    Aghaaa = something unexpected scared me to death
    chinka…chinka = the blade came out of one side of the holder and saw is still running.

    Whampa…….Whampa = the blade caught in the wood and is beating the table to death.
    Hmmm… = don’t have a clue of what I need to do next
    Yelp= stepped on dogs tail instead of on off switch.

    Nooo = telling the blade to stop cutting
    Oops= the detail I worked on for the last hour just got destroyed.
    Ouch= spilled hot coffee on lap

    honey= wife is asking if im done playing yet, and ready to rake the leaves.

    Lets see what to make…… how about a mountain scene with eagles flying over the water scooping up fish and dropping them into a fisherman’s basket. Sound simple enough, should be done in 10 minutes.

    First I get a piece of pine….and im ready to go.

    Let there be power….. zzzrrrrr….. .deedum…deedum……..ouch…...honey.
    Ok just a small cut here…… Nooo…..Yelp….oops
    well maybe I’ll wont do the fisherman.

    Zzzrrrrr ….deedum….deedum….deedum…..boy im good…… Whampa…….Whampa..….chinka…chinka …. Aghaaa ........Hmmmm

    20 min later got a new blade in………Zzzrrrr…….oops……..honey
    Well I guess we don’t need all the tress in the background.

    I’ll cut one tree…..Zzzrr……deedum…deedum…Nooo....yelp...oops
    OK not a tree maybe a small bush…Zzzrrr....dedum….. Whampa … Aghaaa …ouch…….honey

    Ok no trees.. Zzzrra . Whampa…….Whampa..….chinka…chinka …Nooo. Aghaaa

    Ok just the lake ….Zzzrrr…deedum…dedum….honey…….. “just a little longer dear“ Nooo….…..Yelp….oops… ****.

    Ok…. no polluted lake, stupid bird, dumb trees or idiot fisherman.

    All that’s left of the pattern is a straight line, im going for it
    Zzzrrrr… deedum…deedum ..a perfect cut….**** im good

    Lets see what to make tomorrow, I think ill try the Golden Gate bridge with a cargo ship passing under and a jet flying over it, should take about 10 min……Hmmmmm….
    Pete Ripaldi

    "Insert Clever Tag Line Here..."

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    {Teeth sucking sound}
    <Looks at back of wrist as if there is a watch on wrist>

    {In slow drawl, as if setting out on Farm Porch, middle of Summer, after evening meal}


    Jus about on schedule, , I guess.

    But then again,

    Didn't hear where that important part broke and flew off during one of them Wampa Wampa sessions, and the dog grabbed it, and Pete is hollering "here boy, come here boy.." while in hot pursuit of the Dawg.

    Well, that could be the next time, of course. But like I said, jus about right on schedule.



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      Oh My Gosh. Pete and Phil , you are so right on. LOL LOL LOL, I am so dieing lauphing here. but for me, the cook is me. oh darn are you starving. sorry just one more cut or two./ 3 hrs latter. hubby is in bed, woops. SO FUNNY SO FUNNY , I so resembale that remark. LOL LOL LOL . Evie

      Woops for got. just let me see who did what at SSW&C. forum. got to tell them of my day. and see what they did. friends you know:: LOL 3 more hrs.
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        He he,

        Been there, done that!

        Welcome to our world Pete.

        But you forgot to mention how "Honey" likes all that new sawdust you and the pooch are bringing in the house. LOL

        DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

        NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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          Thanks for the chuckle Pete.

          The only change to your story I would make is that one of my hairy children likes to lay near the saw while I'm working and tends to get beaned from time to time with a scrap piece.

          I've told the dingo dog to move more than once so it's not my fault when he gets hit.

          Idiot dog.

          Otherwise those are pretty much the same things that go on at my house. Although the hubby doesn't tend to bother me much while I'm working, unless it's bed time (he hates to go to bed alone). But then I get the third degree about certain sounds he's heard. I'll have to come up with better stories than just a blade breaking to keep it interesting for him.
          "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


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            Hmmm, reminds me of a story posted on the IAP, similiar in nature...

            Thanks for sharing Pete!



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              The more experience we get scrolling the funnier that story is.
              I think we have all been there, many of us are still there and those who won't admit it are just not good at sharing in an honest open fashion.

              Either that or they use a hand frame. But then the special words seem to abound when you have to change the blade.
              CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
              "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
              Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                Originally posted by draken
                Hmmm, reminds me of a story posted on the IAP, similiar in nature...

                Thanks for sharing Pete!

                lol...what can i tell you im an expert at messing up everything, not just with my lathe, and "honey" doesnt care what im "playing with" its always too long. The dogs and cats HAVE to be in the same room looking over my shoulder. The only time they run for the hills is when i turn on the air compressor.
                Can't wait to see what happens when i get a band saw....

                still ten fingers pete
                Pete Ripaldi

                "Insert Clever Tag Line Here..."


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                  You are quite the comedian Pete. It got funnier the longer I read. This scrolling does take stamina. My wife is starting to complain that I'm in the basement too much. She used to complain that I spent too much time in my rec room watching TV. What really makes a wife happy, hmm Evie?


                  Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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                    Originally posted by Minnesota scroller
                    You are quite the comedian Pete. It got funnier the longer I read. This scrolling does take stamina. My wife is starting to complain that I'm in the basement too much. She used to complain that I spent too much time in my rec room watching TV. What really makes a wife happy, hmm Evie?

                    HA HA HA. well you ask. for me, it would be. just leave me the heck alone for a while dood. just let me do my thing. and I'll be with you in a minute. didn't I just tell you how great you are, and wash your cloths, and fix your den den. now its my turn , and tomarrow telll me how great i am.
                    well ok , I guess I am alittle bit of a B----. but whoes counting.
                    you ask. love ya my friend. Evie well i guess really , we just all wont to be visabale.and aprisheatied. is that a word


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                      Oh man I am crying with laughter here !! That's a hoot ! Evie's comment about " one more cut " Phil's comment about the dog running off with the wood and Kelly's comment about the dog getting beaned ......add to that a black lab who simply must lay where the dust will fall on him got my house !! Thanx guys , what a great way to end the day !!
                      DW788 and Hawk 226

                      " Please let me grow to be the man my dog thinks I am "


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