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  • lost my adobe

    Gosh whats next. I just lost my Adobe today. and i just got my last tile done. and can't get the Adobe to lower the pixales so i can post it. darn. drats. and misspeled cuss words. Can any of you tell me , is it me, or is it Aol. I still can't get my screan saver to work off line. now my adobe. i don't know how to lower the pixles on my camera. do any of you have a opption for me. darn. and i was so proud of this tile. wont to show you. can i just send it with 2000 something pixles. don't think so. sensn i got Aol i have had more problems. do they take over your computer at home off line too? or am i just looking for some one to blame.? i cleaned up my computer, with some help with a computer fixing person. and he did a great job. much faster. but now i have all these pop ups and upgrades, and lots of crap i didn't have before.(with my old server) I am going to go to a dsl. so hubby can talk on the phone. but . what is a good one . that won't take over my computer. i was thinking of verizon. witch is my phone service. I DON'T KNOW . drats. I just know i have been having too many probleams here. not at SSW, but on my Pc. OK I know, mone , grone, pissy, pissy. thanks for any impho. I just wont to scroll, and come in here and talk to my friends. send some pictuers. and get on with it. drats. your friend Evie

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    Don't get too frustrated. There are lots and lots of good, cheap photo editing programs out there that work really well and simply to manage your photos. I use Microsoft Photo Editor most of the time. It allows you to change the size in either inches or pixels and is a small program that I usually just run from the disc. Sorry I can't give you a web site, but it is available on the web. Maybe someone else knows more about it than I do. Gill is usually a very good source for such things. Try sending her a "private msg."
    Old Mooner


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      Evie....generally the disc that comes with your digital camera has a lot of photo manipulation features included in the software. Check that out and you might find it's as good as Adobe for resizing and other little tweaks you need to do with a digital photo. Maybe this will be of some least I hope so 'cause I'm anxious to see your next tile!!!!!
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        Thanks Moon. your so spiechale. thanks for replying. i will look into all those things. like i know how. but thank you anyway.
        your friend Evie


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          ok see if this works. not my best picure. but here goes.
          Evie nope that didnt work


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            trying again with a lower pixel. drats.
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              that worked, and your work looks lovely
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                Ok here is another one. side view i hope. your friend evie
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                  Hi Evie

                  I also subscribe to AOL and I agree with you - it’s awful! The software tries to take over your whole computer. The ISP market is in a state of flux on this side of the pond so I’m loathe to change at present. Most companies are tying new customers into long-term contracts as broadband (ADSL) connections become cheaper. Indeed, some phone companies are even throwing in broadband connections for free with their phone subscriptions!

                  To lower the pixels on each photograph through my camera, I switch it on and press the “menu” button. This then brings up a screen which enables me to select the size of each photo in terms of the memory it will take up. It gives me the options of taking pictures with a range of pixels, from 1 million to 3 million. If I choose the 1m(illion) option I can take 23 photographs, if I choose the 3m(illion) option I can take 14 photographs. However, once I’ve taken a photograph I can’t adjust its resolution on the camera; I have to transfer it to computer and adjust it there.

                  If you’re having problems starting a certain program on your computer, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s actually available to you! Go to Start – Search and type in the name of the prgogram you want. Hopefully the search engine will find it for you. It might find several entries for the one program, in which case you’ll need to choose the one with the “.exe” suffix. Instead of opening the program immediately, right-click on it and choose Send to – desktop. That’ll create a shortcut to the program on your desktop and will make it easier to open in future.

                  Pop-ups can be so irritating! What browser do you use? MS Explorer is often targetted by advertisers so changing to a browser such as Firefox or Opera would almost certainly improve things. Both browsers have pop-up blockers built into them too. However, they also have ‘tabbed’ browsing which means that you don’t open a new window every time you click on a link, and that’s a great feature. There are other ways to disable pop-ups, but that would mean using msconfig and I’m not sure you’d be happy to do so.

                  Screen savers can be inspected and adjusted by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing “Properties”. This will bring up the Display Properties and there’s a tab marked “Screen Saver” which will show you the settings for your current screen saver. You should be able to adjust the screen saver settings there without too much difficulty, but if you have any problems just holler.

                  Hope this helps.


                  PS - Nice choo-choo
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                    Microsoft also has a neat little "power tool..." a free program that lets you quickly re-size an image just by right clicking on it. I've got some screen shots, so I'll post a little tutorial down under the FAQ.

                    Beautiful work, by the way Evie!



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                      I agree with Bob,
                      I use the Microsoft add-on where I just right click on the photo of choice and it resizes it and automatically saves it with the same name and (small) in parenthesis. It is a lot easier and quicker than doing it in a photo program.
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                        Here's the direct link:




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                          Hi Evie,

                          Well...... That was worth the wait!

                          You have created a nice piece of art there. I love it!

                          Where did you get the idea and pattern from?

                          Thank-you very much for sharing that with us.

                          DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

                          NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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                            Wonderful Work there Sis
                            Love that train

                            your lil brother,
                            "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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                              Gill, thank you so much. I can't desifer it all now , but i have this thread to go back too. you have helped me so much.

                              Bob, I downloaded the link you gave me. now let me see if i can use it. LOL.
                              the one thing i loved about adobe was i could do alot of things. like clean up my pictures. and copey them in any form I wonted , like one picture or 12 on a page. crop or delete things or add things. the one thing it says when i try to use it is. becouse of some re configureing. or something. i have to says my 30 day trile is up. but i have had it for along time. ??? I don't know. for now i just wont to download some pictuers to the forum. but i did get my tiles on. so that will do for now. and now on to more learning.
                              I did find the thing on lowering the pixsales on my camera,(thanks to Neal) but the lowest is 640 pixales. but maybe with Gills help , i can fegur out that too. thanks all. your the best.

                              Also Gill. I do the thing with the right click on my desck top and go to properties. to change my screan saver. and it comes up. all the stuff is there. but it wont come on the monitor. even on the preveiw. ??? it will come on when I am on line. but not when i am offline. the only screan saver i can use offline is a pictuer slide show. and not all the time. so I have to turn my pc off to save my monitor. does this make any sence.???
                              anyway thanks for all your help. your dummy friend Evie


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