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    Havent Been Scrolling Much, Been Kind Of Sick. I Have Been Down For A Few Weeks Now And The Doctor Gave Me The Thumbs Up For Scrolling Again. Scrolling Is'nt The Problem, It Was The Stairs. But I'm Back But I Must Still Have Side Effects. I Saw A New Zaffino Pattern And For A Moment I Thought I Was Ready To Do It. Lol--not Quite ! Anyway I Folks. I Just Spent Most Of My Time On Here Checking You Guys Out. It Is Amazing How Much You Can Learn In Here. Getting Ready For A Big Show At The End Of The Month. Wish Me Luck . Tks, Rain Man

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    Hopefully you feel better soon and Good Luck with the big show :-)

    "Everything Happens for a Reason"
    Craftsman 18in. 21609


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      Welcome back Rain Man and glad your feeling better.
      Delta P-20


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      • meflick
        Reply to They’re back!
        by meflick
        We will have an air show again this year in Knoxville Sept. 10-11 and the Blue Angels are suppose to be here performing, They were here a few years back. We live close to the airport so they flew over are home practicing the few days before the show, and then the show it’s self. Quite a sight for...
        05-26-2022, 05:17 PM
      • Sandy Oaks
        Reply to They’re back!
        by Sandy Oaks
        Oh what a treat. Years ago we went to Air Shows in Oshkosh, WI. Greatest memory was the Concorde.
        05-26-2022, 11:04 AM
      • Rolf
        Reply to They’re back!
        by Rolf
        WOW. I love the air shows....
        05-26-2022, 09:33 AM
      • will8989
        Reply to They’re back!
        by will8989
        Not quite. The idiots in Maryland are keeping the kids in school until June 21. A lot of schools don’t have a/c so they will send them home early. The blue angels are here every year for graduation. In September there is something at the inner harbor and the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and another group...
        05-26-2022, 12:52 AM
      • Jim McDonald
        Reply to They’re back!
        by Jim McDonald
        That's called end of the year serendipity!!
        05-25-2022, 04:11 PM