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My sharpening stones have grooves...???

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  • My sharpening stones have grooves...???

    Hi all...Thanks for all the help you have been giving me. I am already several hours into my carving hobby and having fun!!

    I purchased two japanese stones and now noticed that their surfaces have fine grooves in them (I guess the edge of my tools?).

    Can I flatten them again, or not?

    Also, is this the best type....there seem to be many opinions out there, but the diamond or the man made ones sound awfully good....any thoughts?



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    Re: My sharpening stones have grooves...???

    If you are starting with new Japanese water stones, they should not be grooved yet. Try to use the whole stone and not just the very center.
    Yes, they can be re-flattened with a medium diamond stone.

    What is the best stone?
    Let me say this about that; back in 1983 I decided to buy a metal detector. I read everything I could and asked experienced people which detector was best. Nobody could tell me which was best or which to buy.
    Why? Because it is purely a matter of choice and personal preference.
    All stones sold for woodcarving by reputable dealers are good.
    The best one is the one that works for you.

    Personally, I gave up using stones long ago. I don't have time to sharpen by hand anymore. But, I still have a fondness for natural Arkansas.


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      Re: My sharpening stones have grooves...???

      Another way to flatten stones is to lap them on a piece of glass using a slurry of silicone carbide. Powdered silicone carbide can be purchased in various grits at a lapidary shop or a supplier such as Lee Valley who sells a kit for lapping stones.
      As Rick stated make sure to use the entire surface with lite pressure when sharpening. Water stones are designed to wear so as to expose fresh grit as they are being used.


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        Re: My sharpening stones have grooves...???

        I have to agree with Rick-in-Seattle on Arkansas stones. I have used diamonds, water-stones and natural stones and use a soft Arkansas and a hard Arkansas for just about everything now. And that is what I started with.


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          Re: My sharpening stones have grooves...???

          I'm with Rick and Capt Baid - have tried them all and pretty much stick with the hard and soft Arkansas. Was really disapointed with the performance of the ceramics;; contrary to advertisments they do load up and they are not true (lay a metal strait edge across one and take a look at a light source). I do keep a diamond around for lapping the Arkansas on occassion and when I want to make minor modifications to a blade shape. Major mods and bevel changes get the bench grinder treatment (take your time and dip in water frequently).


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            Re: My sharpening stones have grooves...???

            Back in the 60's there were a lot of folks stoned, and thought that was groovy!




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