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When is professional sharpening needed?

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  • When is professional sharpening needed?

    Not that often, you should learn to maintain your own tools.

    Use a professional:
    When you are unable to restore the cutting action of a tool at home.
    V-tools should be re-ground at least once a year by someone who really knows what they are doing.

    Knives can benifit from regrinding when they become rounded from stropping and hand-sharpening.

    If a tool isn't enjoyable to carve with, a professional tuneup is recommended.

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    Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

    Okay....a real dumb question. How do you sharpen a knife with a serrated edge on it. Now mind you this is not my carving knife, but the one I carry for cutting stuff around the house. To date I have been sticking it in the power can opener/sharpener, but the results are less than pretty. When I first got it I cut myself all the time with it, and now I am lucky if I can get a cheap thrill out of it. :-/


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      Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

      Rick, try this site for a fair explaination.


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        Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

        Would you recommend using a belt sander to speed up the sharpening process?

        I seemed to take a long time to sharpen and strop my tools and was looking for a faster method.



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          Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

          I use an oil stone and a strop. I have one of those Sears sharpeners, but never got the hang of it, so back to the manual way. I strop often and don't spend a lot of time on the stone as a result. I do however know that some of my gouges probably need the factory angle modified for better cutting, but never tried it for fear of runing them.


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            Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

            Thanks for the link Rick. That shed some light on the matter. Bottom line for me is that I will just keep my old schrade in my pocket and throw the serrated knife in my tool box. I can't see taking the time to hone each groove. I can get a better blade on the schrade without all the time. That also opens up a whole set of questions on the set of serrated kitchen knives we got as a present last year. The wife is always complaining about how dull they have gotten. Maybe time for some good old fashion knives.


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              Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

              For me, power sharpening is the only way to go.
              I have never use a belt sander for that purpose, but I don't see why you couldn't.


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                Re: When is professional sharpening needed?

                Rick...a round ceramic rod does a pretty good job on a serrate edge.


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