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  • Spending A Day Off

    Finally get to take a day off from the flooring business and traveling to my mom's funeral in Washington. Decided to take up a friends invite and try my luck at fishing today. Caught a total of 16 fish (kept 2, released 14). This is a photo of my best of the day. It is a lake trout that is 32.5 inches long and weighed 16 lbs. Had to release it as it was in the slot limit (30" - 36") that have to be released. Thank goodness for the digital camera! Back to laying hardwood on Wed.

    Have A Great 4th!!

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    nice fish...

    sometimes you just got to do it...
    getting away for every day life and enjoying some time with a good freind...

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      Gosh I am so sorry about your mom. thats a loss for sure. glad you had the ambition to try to make it alittle better. looks like you did. Thats a nice fish. and you had to let it go. Wow. looks like some good eating. I might have stuffed it my self. but you have the picture.thata work. was your mom a fisher lady?? bet she would have been proud. I have a packed with my sons. they have to go cast my ashes over my favorit lake. and have a BBQ. none of that sorro stuff. just remmeber me in what i love to do. camping and fishing, and woodworking.and the things we did together. I am even making my own box. they have to burn it in are favorit BBQ place. so no one has to keep it safe. just wont the memmerys. I told them i would hont them if they didn't. We even went camping to see what I liked. so Hopfully, we can all be there, and enjoy . rather than the sad stuff. Hope this is not a disraspeckful thing here. but thats how i feel. Bet your ma wonts you to remmber her with love and thankfullness. cary on boy. thats what I think your mom would have wonted.


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