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    My wife and I went out to the fair today. My main goal was to find the guy with the Hawk scroll saw so I could try it out. I guess he didn't make it this year because I looked high and low and couldn't find him. If figures just when I had the wife convinced that I need a new saw...

    I did find a group from a local wood turning club, they had a couple laths set up and they were turning bowls. There was also a couple old timers from a craving club. I think I'll check them out because they meet every Wednesday at the local park.

    I was also looking to see what kind of wood projects that I could enter in next years fair. I saw one intarsia rose, lots of bird houses and a couple really nice clocks....

    I also checked out the one and only doll house, pretty lame for 1st place..
    Every time I see the doll houses I think back to when they wouldn't let me in the door with my cabin

    It was a fun day..
    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
    Fish are food, not friends!

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    Reply to Bruce released for full physical therapy
    by will8989
    He’s the one with the patience. At least i don’t ricochet off the walls as much as I used to! We certainly proved opposites attract. How dull life would be if we were the same.
    Yesterday, 09:36 PM
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    Beautiful Bowl...
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    First the BIRD Flu,
    then the SWINE Flu,
    Mad Cow Disease,
    the Asian Hornet,
    the Ebola Virus,
    the Coronavirus
    and now …….
    the Asian moth.

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  • tgiro01
    Reply to Bruce released for full physical therapy
    by tgiro01
    Glad to hear he is getting back on track. After seeing what my wife went through, after her fall, I wouldn't wish rehab or PT on anyone.
    Yesterday, 07:19 PM
  • tgiro01
    Reply to FInished Product
    by tgiro01
    It will sit on the coffee table for a couple of weeks/months - Until I finish the next one. Then it get relegated to the collection to await the next craft show. Or it may go to the art gallery for a few months.

    Jim - Same two words I gave Rolf and Scott -- Wedgie Sled. Jerry Bennett's...
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