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  • Canadian $2 coin

    For my friends north of the border, I found something on-line that mentioned a $2 Canadian coin that has a polar bear pictured on it. Does such a thing actually still exist?

    I collect polar bears and would love to add one to my collection, but I don't want to try and hunt something down that no longer exists.

    Thanks for your help.
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    There are a couple of Toonies with polar bears.

    Email me with shipping details and I will hook you up.
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      Polar Bear Money

      When I was in California I went into a toy store to purchase some stuff for the kids here at home and was rummaging through my pockets, looking for change that was American. The clerk was patiently waiting and we were talking about the day, she glanced over at the change in my hand and asked what "those" were.

      Apparently she had never seen a two coloured (silver with gold insert center - thats where you find the polar bear ) coin before. So of course, I left a couple behind for her kids.


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