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  • No One Slept with Mommy

    Ever notice how a 4-year-old's voice is louder than 200
    adult voices?

    Several years ago, I returned home from a trip just when a
    storm hit, with crashing thunder and severe lightning. As I
    came into my bedroom about 2 a.m., I found my two children in
    bed with my wife, Lyne, apparently scared by the loud storm. I resigned
    myself to sleeping in the guest bedroom that night.

    The next day, I talked to the children, and explained that
    it was OK to sleep with Mom when the storm was bad, but when
    I was expected home, please don't sleep with Mom that night.

    They said O.K.

    After my next trip several weeks later, Lyne and the
    children picked me up in the terminal at the appointed time.
    Since the plane was late, everyone had come into the terminal
    to wait for my plane's arrival, along with hundreds of other
    folks waiting for their arriving passengers.

    As I entered the waiting area, my son saw me, and came
    running shouting, "Hi, Dad! I've got some good news!"

    As I waved back, I said loudly, "What is the good news?"

    "The good news is that nobody slept with Mommy while you
    were away this time!" Alex shouted.

    The airport became very quiet, as everyone in the waiting
    area looked at Alex, then turned to me, and then searched the
    rest of the area to see if they could figure out exactly who
    his Mom was.


    - Kids: Whispering or SCREAMING they'll get you in trouble, often without realizing it or meaning to.
    DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

    NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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    That is hilarious!
    Kids do say the darndest things
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