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Where does she get it from?

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  • Where does she get it from?

    Okay so here it is ....

    Somedays I sit at my desk and simply glance over at Sue as she works away sitting in her recliner. As she catches my glance, she will look over her glasses and grinning, she'll ask if I said something. (I really am a very quiet person who apparently mumbles in some dialect (aka accent). After giving her my best eyerolling adolescent look, I'll just tell her I was curious to know what she was wildly sketching and wondered where her inspiration for the movements of her pencil have come from. She claims she doesn't know but today I think I figured it out.

    Earlier this evening I begin cleaning up after supper and the kids have taken off in whatever direction like little mice. (Even Homework is more fun than cleaning up) My son comes in the room with an idea.... he's going to be "Star Fox". So he grabs his adopted Grandma (Sue) and together they head off with an empty cola box, bungie cords and tape, paper, markers...

    As my son walks back in the room to show me his Star Fox jet pack, Sue goes back to a new paper on her sketch pad. Giggle. Guess we should all expect some new designs soon!

    On a side note - with age comes wisdom. I mean really .... know how many times I wanted to have my son where bungie cords to keep him under control... and along comes Sue and convinces him they are a vital part of the Star Fox costume!!!

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    Inspiration comes from the darndest things.
    What a team you have set up there.

    I can't wait to see what is coming our way.
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      Tonie, what i got from your post was... you so admire her. and you feel just alittle left out. am i right. ??? well I really know what you meen. for thats what i feel looking at your post. You my friend . are so talented. and when I ever grow up. Iwont to be just like you. humbaled in my little corner. making all the right desetions. but doing so . I have to conffes. I just love your work. and would give my right leg to do what you do. we can't always get it from are own kidlets. but on your account. you seirtanly picket (sorry can't spell) one person to do what you always wonted to do. and not a butt head.I think you make a great team. and i bet little kidlet knows that too. does this make sence or did i mess read. your lowyal fan Evie


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        Humph - {Snort}

        You think you got creative block, well just let me tell you something Miss Jumping-Gee-Hosafat did you see what Toni just cut?

        Here I am for the past few years in complete amazement of Carter's puzzles that he continues to post. All I aim to do for the next 6 months is to make Christmas card puzzles. At the end of the last season, I got several boxes of Xmas cards. Now, it's blade to wood crunch time, and I just cannot decide how / where to make the cuts. If I don't start now, I will never finish by the end of November.

        All I need are about 15 puzzle card, maybe I could get away with a few less, but my creative brain has posted a 'gone fishing' sign. Grrr-rr.

        Tell you what, if you can get your creative brain back from vacation, let me know how you did that, please? I need to have a few words with mine.



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          When my creative side goes on vacation, I page him by just typing whatever I'm thinking at the time. The same could work for scrolling/drawing...start cutting or scribbling and do whatever comes to mind. Your creative brain can't stand it when your logical brain is having fun and it isn't. Soon it will step in and you will be over your slump!



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