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  • Wecheer flex drive

    I remember reading about how well it was to use with a Dremel tool for detail work, don't remember how long ago that was tho. I don't do any big carving at this time, almost all hiking stick stuff so I don't need a big unit, so I was wondering how well you still liked it and anyone else have any thoughts on it. I'm sure the flexcut detail chisel bits will have to be ordered also. I am retired on fixed income so I have to watch how I spend my 'mad' money, thanks, Steve

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    Re: Wecheer flex drive

    I have used the Wecheer and it seems to do a pretty good job although I opted for the Proxxon and Arbortech a little more money but a lot better to use because you dont need the flexshaft to use them. Sure they are a little more money but I believe you get what you pay for. I am also retired and on a fixed income but because of the sales from my carving I am no longer on a fixed income in fact I have found I can make a pretty good dollar at it. All that extra cash I spend on tools much to the shegrin of my better half.


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      Re: Wecheer flex drive

      I know you mainly carve big stuff from what I have seen of your carvings but I mainly do small stuff on hiking sticks. So I am worried about control more than power at this time. Do you think the Proxxon SGM is easy to use for small detail carvings? Thats why I was thinking about a flex shaft. How about for a newbie carver and one who has done no power carving? What got me looking into it was making a Harley stick for my brother-in-law and all the lettering I had to do, it sure was hard for me with my palm tools, I'm sure I will get better the more I do. I see where MHC has the SGM and Flexcut RG310 set on sale now for $140.


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        Re: Wecheer flex drive

        I use the Arbortech for most of my big carvings but I do some smaller carvings. I know that a couple of the ladies on this board that carve santa's use the Proxxon and swear by it and I think that most of their carvings are less than a foot high. The price of $140.00 for the Proxxon and Flexcut set is outstanding price I wish I could get it for that price up here I would buy one in a heartbeat. Having said that I see that the Canadian dollar is at almost 79cents to the US dollar who knows maybe it will get back to par again someday. I am sure that one of the ladies on this board will give you an evaluation on the Proxxon.


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          Re: Wecheer flex drive

          Hi Steve, I'm wondering from your post if perhaps you mean the rotary Wecheer instead of the reciprocating one since you are talking about doing lettering on a walking stick.
          I have the Proxxon reciprocating carver and I love it. It is perfect for roughing out my carvings (all a foot or under in size). The blades that come with it are excellant ones!
          I also have the Wecheer reciprocating FlexShaft that attaches to hubby's dremel. It's great too and both are perfect for roughing out and you can get in pretty close to hand carving size with them.
          Wecheer's FlexShaft Rotary attachment is around $50.00. Proxon makes a small rotary tool that runs off a seperate power supply. I have it, the cost is $21.50 for the power supply and the rotary tool I have is $29.99 (from MDI Woodcarvers Supply, 800-866-5728, They make a more expensive power supply and rotary tool but I have the less expensive ones and they work perfectly for me. I also have Proxxon's Pen Sander, I love it so much that the day it quits I'm going to be ordering another on in! It works off the same power supply as the rotary piece.
          Good luck, hope this helps some! Callynne

          P.S. Just noticed, MDI has the Wecheer reciprocating FlexShaft for $39.95, don't have the rotary one in their catalog though.


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