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  • happy fathers day

    Happy fathers day, to all the fathers on this forume, and to all of you lurkers too. hope you join us soon. I notice there is like 96 of you here. and hope you have a nice day. but it could be better if you was here to join us. We don't bite, just love to talk to ya. don't you have something to say. ??? I just love scrollers. and woodworkers. its ok , ben there done that. your friend Evie

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    Thank you, Evie
    SD Mike


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      Mike you are one of my fathers in time. so to speak. although you re the same age as me. happy fathers day my friend. you was one of the few that welcomed me here. and helped me along the way. you showed me the way in scrolling first. I will never forget your welcome and advice in starting in my jerney in scroling . after about a year.and calling me on the phone, i never knew you was a seller. thats when i found out when you had the blades for sail. LOL. that was cool . for i didn't know anything about whitch one to use. I admire you my friend. for real. and also thank you for how to watch my back , and how to use my saw. all the others just gave me a sail. you gave me your friendship. as alot of others here. and I and others thank you. you are a father and friend i wish this day on. your friend Evie. I truly love you.


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        Thanks abunch Evie, I just got a phone call from my son and daughter who live in Florida wishing me Happy Fathers Day, my son added a little extra to his call and informed me I'm going to be a grandpa!

        Now I can start planning my revenge.....spoil the little grandchild and send them home

        DeWalt 788

        aut viam inveniam aut faciam

        God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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          Hi Evie.
          Thanks for starting the fathers day topic. I have four sons and so far have heard from three with well wishes by telephone and and a fourth one is on his way as we speak in a seven hour drive and is bringing me a beautifull large color photograph that I will make a frame for. He already sent me the picture by email. His biggest hobby besides being a professional person is photography so I know the picture will be first class. He will be staying here on holidays all week.
          I also had a wonderfull 4 day visit with one of my other sons and his wife and the grandkids several weeks ago . To bad they all live so far away with their own lines of work but we have constant contact with all four on a weekly basis. Two in Alberta, One in Saskatchewan and one in Virginia , USA.
          I'm sure all the fathers here love their kids as much as I love mine and I wish all the fathers here a very happy fathers day.

          The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

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            Thank you Evie.
            I got to spend the day with my Son and Daughter

            Delta P-20 & Q-3

            I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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              that is so cool. I love hereing from all the kids on fathers day. but now i wont to hear from the fathers. what would you like to here from your kidlets. and what would you wish they learned. it is a 2 sided street. and I wish i could have ask my dad. what is it that he wonted me to learn. barr none. I know what i missed. and learned, but as fathers what do you think. your friend Evie. ps and what do you wish your wife did. and acknoldged, I know spelling.


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                Thank ya Evie
                as for what I want my kids to do, just simply be the best they can be, and use their head and think about whatever they are doing. The oldest daughter repeatedly asked me what I wanted for fathersday from her. I told her I already got my present, and that was having her as a daughter (even though its technically a step-daughter). She so wanted to buy me something. There wasnt anything I could think of to quiet her down. I told her to spend that money she would have, on her wedding shes in the middle of planning. She still wasnt happy with that answer, so she opted for a card!
                I was able to go take my dad out for breakfast this morning, that was kind of nice. He still is coping with the sudden loss of my mother last fall, so I try to keep him involved as much as i can. Dale

                Oh, and about the wifes thing...hmmmmmmmmmm lets not go there!!!
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                  OK Did I start this Well I wish my dad could see what he had tought me. i puppey doged him around for years. even in my teens. I was the son he always wonted.(even though i had 3 brothers) I would follow him into the mountains and out fished him when ever i could. walked faster,than he could. just to let him know i was good at it.(hoping he would keep taking me) and grew the best gardon. fixed my own truck. and dranck as much beer as he could. being a girl:: he wonted me to be a lady. ( HOW BORING). I wonted to do every thing just like he did. I went to work and supported my sons. without a father , I might add. that was my falt. not knowing I would chouse such a butt head like i did. and being catholic like my mom. I lived up to the rules. never going out on daits. at 19. and wonting to do right. so i needed to raise my sons all buy myself. I had good exsperiance for i had a dad to teach me. not that he knew. I knew i had to raise my sons all buy myself. and my dad was always there. telling me how to do it. he took them fishing. and camping. fixing things and building things. little did he know i was right there taking in all the stuff for myself. My # 2 son used to say. I wont to grow up big and strong like my mom. my sons call me for fathers day, and what a blessing that is. becouse of my Dad. I was abiel to be a mom and a Dad to my sons. but there is no compairison to my Dad. He is and always will be the hero in my life. I so miss you Dad. He fought in world war 2. He did come back to the states, only to die of his wounds, and his Dad fought in world war 1. My #1 brother fought in vietnom. and he died (after beeing home) on his way to help some victoms of a forust fire. and my other brohter was working on the valcanio as a lumber jack, in April, and MAY, and June , an July and August of 1980 MT ST Helen. needless to say he got blown off the mountain. brushed him self off and went on. I for sure have alot of heros in my family of men.don't get me rough, We have had alot of loosers too. but I don't think about those. i only think of them . and now i have more heros in here. teaching me . My Dad was a woodworker too. but not with the tools we have today. I remmber him cuttin those wirlly jiggs out with a hand fret saw. it just amaized me. here was a man that put his mind to anything he wonted to do. and i admired him. He built are home . and I will always remmber. miss you Dad. and happy fathers day to all of my men friends Hear. your friend Evie.


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