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  • Just Curious about something

    Hi Folks
    I've been browsing through the posts regarding Pedro's website and I don't understand why there is some objection to the link to his site. Are there separate rules for the moderators? I see a link to Toni & Sue's site, and a link to Carl's homepage, but I don't see any objections to those links. Is this a perk some people get for being moderators?
    Perhaps someone could explain the difference for me.

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    Totally coincidental.

    There are no objections to links to sites, The point raised by Jediscroller is we do not want the board to be a commercial advertising venue.

    SSW has a magazine that commercial retailers can advertise in.
    If anyone wants a link to their site in the Scroller Community section they just have to submit it.

    The forum is evolving everyday and as it does we do get some growing pains.
    I know Mike had no intention of plugging a commercial site. Kevin was just refering to the Bill of Rights.

    This topic will come up on a regular basis, just as freedom of speech and copyrights come up. In the end we will all grin and bear it, because we all want what is best for everyone

    I hope my ramblings shed some light.

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      The way I understand it is that I beleive the rules of conduct were changed not very long ago FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS (ADMIN EDIT).
      But an occasional post of a link to a site like Pedro's I beleive is a wonderfull thing on any site. He does not come on and push his product or get others to do it for him on a regular basis like has been seen in the past by others. Matter of fact we hardly ever hear from Pedro except when he has finished one of his wonderfull patterns. His expertise is a valuable asset to any site.
      He also emailed me about his new bridge pattern and I gladly posted a link to it on my own discussion boards site .

      It is my personal feeling that some of the moderators were more or less going by the book while others were being more lenient under the circumstances because it had nothing to do with persistant advertising.

      Just my view on it and if I understand it wronly I am sure I will be corrected on it.
      Last edited by BobD; 06-16-2006, 06:46 AM. Reason: Negative claims that can't be proved

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        Did you see the PM I sent you?

        Mike M
        SD Mike


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          Seeing as I started this ruckus, I guess I'll chime in. I was asking a question and that got lots of people worked up. In the Bill of Rights it says no links to commercial sites so I asked. I saw a thread started to advertise something differently than someone's signature line. I should've asked the moderators privately and separately, I goofed. No big drama, just a misstep.
          The funny part of this whole thing is after all this I'll probably be ordering the pattern.
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            Gosh, I guess I am big time guilty of that. for i have posted lots and lots of links to tools, patterns catalogs, and that kid of stuff. and sure have recive many great links from here , lilke milling wood, other how to sights. well I guess i should do some research, so i don't keep making more mistakes.
            your friend Evie


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              Kevin.... I see no mistakes made by anyone , the replies generated were all good dialog, and we all benefitted by learning more.
              Evie... your punishment for doing bad (even though you DID nothing bad, but we can say you did anyways)..your punishment, you cant leave the message board for 60 years. After 60 years, we will re-evaluate your sentance!!! Dale
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