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Anyone hear from Old Mooner?

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  • William Young (SE BC)
    Hi Old Mooner.
    Good to see you back and that you are having a little change of pace. I have made most all of the bandsaw boxes out of the very same book you are using. I still consider it a form of scrolling only in a bigger way. It sure is a nice change from fretwork and gives more variety our passion for woodworking. Whether they are for gifts or for sale you will find that those bandsaw boxes will find a new home almost as fast as you can make them. I have made dozens of them and have not got one left to my name and havn't had much time to make more because I have added lathe turning to my WW interests like so many scrollers have in recent years and I am trying to incorporate scrolling into some of my turnings. Havn't figured out how to incorporate scrolling into my bandsaw boxes yet apart from the little handles on them.
    Glad to hear you are keeping busy and having fun.

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  • minowevie
    I have missed you too moon. and I wont to see your projects. surely they are not as nuddy as the gardoning joke. lol when you was mowing the grass. LOL. thanks for the support too. some times i just loose it and get all frazaled. I don't go looking for that crap, it just seems to wind up in my mail.
    I hope you stick around, just say hi. even if you don't wont to talk. so we know you are ok. your frined Evie

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  • Back2Jake
    Hi Moon!

    I am just on my way out the door for a soccer game but I had to say good morning and I am glad to hear you're fine - and busy.

    Of course I'd like to see the scroll projects you are working on. I also wanted to let you know, if you still want the one pattern you asked about some time back - pm me.

    take care

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  • Old Mooner
    Hello Gang--
    I appreciate your concern and kind comments. I am fine--just lazy. I have "lurked" a few times lately and found that there was nothing that required any comments from me. You folks have been covering all the bases without my "sage" advice. I have been rather busy this summer with some woodworking projects that really have nothing to do with scrollsawing. I have been making wooden jewelery boxes from a book called Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Bandsaw, by Lois Keener Ventura. I am still working on several of them and have had to let the old RBI rest for awhile. It has also been unbearably hot here in my part of Texas (over 100 the last week or so) and a "senior" like myself has to slow down (no matter what he might think he can do). Also, my scrolling projects of late have been, as Marcel pointed out, a bit too "artsy" and of a "mature" subject matter. Before anyone jumps on me, I DO NOT mean anyone here is immature. It is just that some of my projects aren't "family oriented"--whatever that means. By the definitions we use today, the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michaelangelo would be pornographic and not fit for family viewing. Don't get me started. BobD and Sharon would have a cat if I posted pictures of some of my latest segmentation work.
    By the way, Evie, that website blog or whatever is BS. Unfortunately the Internet is not "idiot-proof" and you can find plenty of other garbage "on-line" so don't let it bother you.
    Well, back to box-making and keeping cool. Once again, thanks for the concern.

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  • Back2Jake
    I was just asking Sue the other day if she had seen any of his posts....

    I live in a community where "elders" such as Mooner have a great deal of respect and value. Hope he returns.

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  • CanadianScroller
    It has been almost a month since he has been on!

    Yes we do need his wisdom at times.

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  • Marcel in Longueuil
    started a topic Anyone hear from Old Mooner?

    Anyone hear from Old Mooner?

    I haven't seen a post from Old Mooner in a while,

    I hope he is doing Ok.

    I miss your wisdom Old man , let us know how you are doing.

    I also want to know how those nudie walking sticks are coming along


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