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  • Trademarks

    This post is not to start controversy, but just for information, ....I just thought you might find it interesting reading if you make items to sell. She is certainly more persistent than I am!

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    I like the fiestiness

    I live in the City of Chilliwack. Here is our Flag.

    It seems someone from the Tournament of Hearts thought the heart symbols were theirs and should be subject to copyright.
    They didn't know that they are heraldic elements and as such are not subject to the copyright laws.

    I understand the need for copyrights and the abuses some go through.
    I am also dissapointed with the fact that the RCMP symbology has been sold off as a trademark to Disney.

    As long as there are lawyers there will be trademaek and copyright battles.
    This is just one aspect of scrolling we should be aware of. We should not let it overshadow our enjoyment of the craft.

    Enjoyment is the name of the game
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Reply to They’re back!
      by meflick
      We will have an air show again this year in Knoxville Sept. 10-11 and the Blue Angels are suppose to be here performing, They were here a few years back. We live close to the airport so they flew over are home practicing the few days before the show, and then the show it’s self. Quite a sight for...
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    • Sandy Oaks
      Reply to They’re back!
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      Oh what a treat. Years ago we went to Air Shows in Oshkosh, WI. Greatest memory was the Concorde.
      Yesterday, 11:04 AM
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      WOW. I love the air shows....
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    • will8989
      Reply to They’re back!
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      Not quite. The idiots in Maryland are keeping the kids in school until June 21. A lot of schools don’t have a/c so they will send them home early. The blue angels are here every year for graduation. In September there is something at the inner harbor and the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and another group...
      Yesterday, 12:52 AM
    • Jim McDonald
      Reply to They’re back!
      by Jim McDonald
      That's called end of the year serendipity!!
      05-25-2022, 04:11 PM