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    I'm trying to find out what is a good detail knife.I would like a blade of 1' or smaller.Thinking about the DUNKLE high point from little shavers.I would like a knife that is easy to maintan.Thanks for everyones help.

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    Re: Detail Knives

    I don't have a dunkle, but if Rick says it is a good one, I would not be afraid of it...I have a helvey and a denny, a flexcut mini pelican and a drop point I made...I really use the Denny and the drop point mostly, next is the flexcut and then the helvey....I like the helvey, nice looking, but the handle is so shiny and slick, is sometimes not easy to hold on too..not good with a very sharp knife! also, feel the blade is slightly rounded from back of blade to edge...I keep working on it trying to flatten but not there yet! I know...more info than you wanted! lol


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      Re: Detail Knives

      Hi Steve I have a flex cut and like it. Ron A.


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        Re: Detail Knives

        Just to show you how personal knife selection can be ... I have the flexcut and can't stand it .... I like the Denny ... don't have a dunkle, but if it looks like what you want it probably is.


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          Re: Detail Knives

          I started out with some German knife and thought it was great. I bought a flexcut with the medium sized blade and it took a couple of weeks to get used to it, but now I can't go back to the other one.

          Safety first


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            Re: Detail Knives

            Now you are talking a subject that I am real familiar with.

            My most popular detail knife is made by Dave Lyons.

            Dunkle knives have what I consider the best design for detail; it is called a 'Drop Point' together with the very thin blade it is a fine knife.

            Lee Ferguson makes a 1 inch detail that would allow you to carve a hair on a gnats bottom.

            On the subject of Helvie knives, the handles are highly polished and can be slippery at times, the blades have a convex grind that adds superior strength to the edge.

            It is important to choose you knives to match your carving style and carving medium.

            For example: Helvies can be used for all around carving in any wood. Lyons would not be a good choice for wood harder than butternut, but are easier to use in Basswood than a Helvie.
            Cape Forge makes an excellent knife, although the blades are thicker than most carvers like. Denny knives are probably the best value on the market today; with a large and growing selection.
            Bo-T knives are sturdy and also have a convex grind similar to helvie. Diobsud Forge knives have a flat grind of high quality and a price to match.

            What it comes down to is: most hand made knives are excellent; but they are made for different jobs and styles of carving.

            The best edge holding knife I have used is made by North Bay Forge; but the selection is very limited. Most of their tools are large and made for totem pole carvers.


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              Re: Detail Knives

              Lot of information here The best knife I own is one made by none.


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                Re: Detail Knives

                I have two Helvies, several Drata, several Case pocket knives and the most used Broker carving knife.

                Helvies are good for most applications and the Broker for everything and the Cases for any thing. The trick is to keep them really sharp. Now for the little brides kitchen knives. Time to sharpen them,HEHEHEHEHEHEHE
                Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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                  Re: Detail Knives

                  My two cents worth, I have a couple different brand knives...which do I use?? Only the Dave Lyons brand! I love those knives, I have the 1 1/8' regular one and two little detail knives. They are all wonderful, hold a very sharp edge with just stropping and even with all the abuse I give them they haven't given me any problems. Unlike my little detail gouges and V-tools :'( :-['s the schedule Rick in Seattle?? I definitely need some professional work done on them! Callynne


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                    Re: Detail Knives



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                      Re: Detail Knives

                      read the above post on detail knives.where are the various brands available from.
                      dave lyons,dunke, lee ferguson


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                        Re: Detail Knives

                        Try [email protected]

                        Ken in So Cal


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                          Re: Detail Knives

                          Jamesfa, I get all my knives (and a few other things too! ) through Rick at Little Shaver's. The web address is His e-mail address is as listed above just add the .com, [email protected]
                          Just e-mail him, he's great at helping you pick out just the right thing!
                          And Rick, I'll be contacting you about sharpening my horribly mangled tools! Callynne


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