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    I think the title " Playful Member " is very funny.
    I am sure there is some history there
    Or being the apparent computer wiz that you are did you edit it?
    RBI G4 26 Hawk, EX 16 with Pegas clamps, Nova 1624 DVR XP
    Philosophy "I don't know that I can't, therefore I can"
    Proud Member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club
    And the Long Island Scrollsaw Association

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    Hi Rolf

    I'm pleased you like it . I just wanted something there to warn people that if I appear to treat their posts a little frivolously, it's nothing they should feel upset about. I do try to be respectful (honest!) but sometimes my fingers just type out stuff that's a bit... well, you know what I'm like .

    Apparently, anyone can edit their 'rank' in the User CP once they achieve a certain number of posts. I don't know what that number is, though .

    There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
    (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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      Thanks for the advice Linda, I may have to do that. The future bride and groom are avid golfers so I would like to do something special for them. Also I am Godfather to the bride and I'm very humbled that she asked me to do this for her.

      Today, 12:23 PM
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      Tony have fun, There is a great lightburn forum on face book also for Orture I would assume. What size did you get?

      Linda, With the laser engraver I just jumped in and then realized I had bought something that was very limiting and started to research after the fact. I know better, but...
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      Bruce wishes I was less challenging.
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      Good guesses, but no. It’s very useful and “outside the box.”
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      My first thought is to hold the small paint bottles, but the holes are not symmetrically spaced....
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