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  • Prior Experience ?

    Just out of curiosity how much experience with woodworking prior to first starting scrollsawing has everyone had, if any at all ?

    carpentry, furniture, cabinets, anything at all ...

    Me personally absolutely none as you can tell lol

    "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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    mainly a little hobby woodworking since highschool (around 20yrs ago), nothing really 'quality', but I tried, and am still learning along the way. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      lots of desire, no experience before buying a scrollsaw. never look back toby


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        I'd done a fair amount of knife-cut marquetry as a hobby. In fact, I'd hoped my saw might be suitable for marquetry, but it wasn't.

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          Aside from shop class in high school, nothing else till I decided the scroll saw would be a useful tool to making architectural models in college.... talk about a learning curve!


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            Helped my Dad build a couple of boats years ago. Made lamps , ashtray stands from diamond willow , coffee tables from tree slabs,repairs around the house. We had a homemade scrollsaw that in those days only pinned blades were available but never really did anything with it.
            To bad I hadn`t kept some of the homemade power tools from my grampas and dads shop.
            Dewalt 788


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              I built furniture and such for about 20 years prior to scrolling. Had a scrollsaw in my shop for 3 years before I actually turned it on for the first time, hehehe.

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                You are not alone Charlie. I had NO prior wood experience prior to starting scrolling. Except for griping to my husband about all the sawdust he was tracking into the house and how noisy his tools were when his shop was still in the basement. That explains why I am still playing catch up in learning about wood and in learning how to use tools other than the scrollsaw.


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                  just what we did in shop in high school. i just remembered how much i enjoyed it but never did anything with wood till i came across a scroll saw one day!!! loved it ever since!!! rain man


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                    Always been good with my hands,

                    But I really only started my basement shop 2 years ago. Since then, I've done a few cabinets, corner table, router table, and other small stuff.

                    Now, I'm a tool junkie. I read, learn and do some.

                    Only problem is that I don't have enough room to work comfortably in (but I'm working on a solution to that ).

                    DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                      good at least im not the only one with no prior experience fretnmore, zoozoo1 lol

                      "Everything Happens for a Reason"
                      Craftsman 18in. 21609



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                        I also had very little experience with woodworking but 14 years of experience with power operated tools. I was a machinist in the Navy for 14 years and have used everything from a simple bench grinder all the way up to a very large boring mill and everything in between both manual controlled and computer numeric controlled (CNC). I am finding out that wood and metals are not hte same when you cut them each type of wood has it's own characteristics just as each type of metal does but the similarities really end there. Now that I have discovered this craft of scroll sawing I will continue to enjoy it more and more every time I turn on the saw.

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                          I learned alot about furniture refinishing from my Dad, have done a few projects of my own, both building and refinishing. I've also done a few wooden boat models.
                          Started scrollsawing to assist me in my modeling, but since doing my first scroll saw project my boat building came to a halt and its all about scrolling now.
                          I honestly dont know of anything I've done like this in my life that has brought me so much joy and a sense of accomplishment.


                          DeWalt 788

                          aut viam inveniam aut faciam

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                            Dale-Toby (hard to believe)-Gill-Tonie-Smitty-Kevin(that blew me away)-Pat(for sure I think you have, you make some mean know I am one of your groopies )-Rainman-Marcel-and Wayne. I am so surprised. I would have thought you was wood masters from birth. I could only wish to be as good as some or all of you. my self. I have been puppy dogging woodworkers for ever.I wish Moon would post on this thread. he has done everything. I have been drulling over victorian woodwork.Toys, and anything out of wood as long as I can remmeber. and wonting to do anything from wood. I have only been scrolling seriosly for I think 2 and a half years. but have been in constucktion for may be 30 years. I started out cutting things out with a hand scroll saw or a saber saw. scabbing wood off of constucktin sights. and just wished and dreamed of someday owning my own scroll saw. now I do.,,, but I have done fraiming. roofing.siding. flooring. cabnet, helper. and all the constucktion stuff. my Dad could build anything. and I wonted to be just like him. and now I am. good habits and Bad, lol. I just love wood and what it offers the craftsmon. I can hang a piece of burl on the wall and drull over its majestry for ever. what can i say. I just love it. your friend Evie Bill you came in after my post. but i wont to recanize you too. now that blue me away. lol
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                              The only "experience" I had was that I've been woodcarving a bit for about 13 years. Originally I got my first (and , actually, the second, too) scroll saw to cut out small carving blanks. I still do lots of that, but now that I have a really good saw, I've also discovered some of the really neat things that a scroll saw can do like no other tool. I'm hooked on both carving and scrolling now. And I'm beginning to yearn for a lot of other tools, like a planer and a bandsaw good enough for resawing - oh, and one of those drum sanders, and maybe one of those - are they called reciprocating sanders? - the ones with a cylinder that turns and goes up and down at the same time- and .....


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