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  • Trout's Fishing Adventure...

    I'm back from a great 3 day adventure up in the mountains..
    I went up with a buddy to do a little fishing and to do a little work around his cabin..

    Cabin? yea right....3,000 sq ft house....

    we started off catching 9 fish in 4 hours..I started off a little slow, my buddy had 4 fish before I had my first bite but finilly got it in gear and caught up to him..

    this is Thursday's catch..

    Friday was a differn't story. I caught 6 fish before he got his first bite. we ended up catching and releasing 19 fish for the day...

    Saturday, we took out the canoe...

    this is my buddy he caught all the fish for Saturday, his 9 to my 0..

    together we caught a total of 35 fish and brought home 9..
    and yes we did do some work around the cabin..

    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
    Fish are food, not friends!

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    Hey Trout,
    You look like your having too much fun and what a beautiful area you are fishing at! I bet it makes you want to retire early and live there instead of just visiting for the weekend.
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      Looks like a GREAT trip Trout! Glad to see pictures of California that don't contain asphalt, concrete, smog, or 8.7 million people!
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        Thats sooo true. Its nice to see there is still trees and clean water in Cali. Looks like you had fun! dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          we were not high enough...

          we were at 4,000 ft, just above the the oaks and at the base of the pines..
          and yes there was still graffitti, that something I'm getting pretty tired of looking at!

          the wife asked if I was taking the float tube and fly rod, I wish I had because there was a local fly fishing club having a little derby..

          one of the things our fishing group does is to clean up any trash that we see while were out fishing. I picked up a small bag of trash along the way and keep our area that we were fishing clean..

          to make this post scroll saw related...
          I read some posts about wood that some of you have found and made projects out of..I looked at a lot of wood but didn't find anything that inspired me..

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          Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
          Fish are food, not friends!


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