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    This truly is an amazing site it offers so many things:
    Technical support, expertise in all areas of scrolling, advice (the smoking issue)
    Group support for saw issues (table), moral support for health issues.
    Great pictures of amazing work. And everybody seems to get along.! WOW
    RBI G4 26 Hawk, EX 16 with Pegas clamps, Nova 1624 DVR XP
    Philosophy "I don't know that I can't, therefore I can"
    Proud Member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club
    And the Long Island Scrollsaw Association

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    Rolf -
    I have found that this site and the people in it are a rare find of what our world should actually be .. People from all ages- races- origins - and even monetary riches- we are all here for the good of the support we get here- rather it be from a small problem to a major one - we are all here for each other- we do not see the bad parts of a person - just when that side pops up we are here to smooth those to a beautiful finish --
    I don't think I myself could let a day go by that I don't come in here and read just to be here - with my friends.
    Even tho I don't say anything I am still here among friends.
    God Bless ALL of these people and to Fox Publishing for this site..
    Our world would be so much better off if they were more of us out there doing what we do here naturally.


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      I agree with Sharon. we are who we are. and I think who we are shows in are scrollsawing. We are blessed , buy SSW to let us let are hair down, and talk about the other important things that make us who we are.
      wwwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuu does that make sence. it would get pretty boring , to only show what are talents are, and not what got us here. as a people.
      Sharon for one. still comes in here, with her disabilaty. just to be a part of her family away from home. just becouse she can't use her saw for now. she is still a part of us all. and she can talk about whats happening to her. and we can be there with her till she gets back on her feet. I for one, am blessed buy her presance. your friend Evie


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        I have to say I am proud and loud about this forum!

        I may not always agree with everyone but we still all get along.
        As Shanon and Evie said we have developed friendship regardless of differences, sometimes even because of them.

        I am very thankful to have everyone here as part of my life somewhere along the way.
        This is a very positive and uplifting place to visit, and I come here lots.
        Sometimes I have to dash off again and miss the odd post ,,,,wait, all the posts are odd, so never mind

        Thanks everybody!
        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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          DITTO!!! enough said! dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            I agree!! This forum is a kick. The people are real and will definitely let you know (just like family) if they think you get out of line or will defend you to the death if they think you are being unfairly picked on. As Carl said (seems I'm always saying that), oddness is a prevalent feature. The subjects go rapidly in different directions. Start off talking about saw blades and end up talking about trout fishing in Zimbabwe. By the way, I notice some of our "odder" participants haven't been participating lately. Should I worry like BobD does or are they just on vacation?
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