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Just some bragging.on pine.

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  • Just some bragging.on pine.

    Hi all , there was some talk on Pine projects in some old posts. an I just wonted to brag on are new cabnits.
    they are made of pine. and bead board. we just love them. didn't throw them off the back of the truck eather. lol. just kidding,.
    normaly the top cabnets are 11"deep. but these are 14" and the bottom is 1 and a half " taller. so as not to bend over. Ha. also 2" deeper. wish I could take the cridit for these but my hubby is the master carpeter. and I only did the desinge. and the finish. he was a sport. and let me do all the planning, and the finding of all the. extras. we still don't have the tile on the counter top , but we are at a quorl over it. I wont wood. he wonts tile. both would look great. what do you think?

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    Nice work! I have been thinking of doing our kitchen cabinets.
    I was thinking of BBply with birch or maple frames.

    I do a lot of thiniing and less woodwork. I wish it was the other way around!
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      Evie, it looks beautiful! But, I will side with Neal on this, go with tile.
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        I that kitchen is under renovation, it is too neat You could teach my wife a thing or three about housekeeping

        I really like your design and the pine. That wood stove is grat looking too.

        Wood or tile? Hmmmmmmm... Who does the most cooking, food preparation, cleaning? That would be their decision.

        As far as maintenance is concerned: tile is probably the easiest product to maintain of the two.

        Your friend Marcel.
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          Evie, love your cabinets. Do you do mail order. lol Toby


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            I am not going to sit on the fence this time
            I think Tile would look best.
            The contrast in the materials would really set it off.
            CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
            "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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              is that a gas stove?
              I like the pull out storage cabinet...
              looks like you still need to do some pluming work for the sink, or you going to use that wall mounted faucet?

              it looks like your going for the old rustic cabin look...

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                Your kitchen looks very nice, Evie. Some woods like pine can be very underrated yet look really nice in a project. Good on you for using it. Pine or tile - for me it would depend on what sort of tile you are thinking about. I do like tiles.
                Cheers. Teresa .


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                  Evie; It Looks great! Howbout a butcher block top...? Just my opinion, but it would look good I think. Your friend Bob
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                    Originally posted by lonepine
                    Evie; It Looks great! Howbout a butcher block top...? Just my opinion, but it would look good I think. Your friend Bob
                    lonepine.(BOB) that is just what i was wonting. sorry the pics. are not that great.but , I was thinking butcher block as well.

                    I wish I could get a piece of wood from all my friends here to add in a butcher block. wouldn't that be great.( say a piece 2" x 6 or 8" piece or longer.) and a piece of trim or molding in front. (1"x3")or (2"x3")
                    routered with just the right cut. like a 3 " piece. routered with some pretty desing. it would hold good with some water seal. laquer. don't you think. your friend Evie


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                      butcher block top might not be too bad, but i wouldnt try using pine for the countertops, just way to easy to ding that up. However you choose, it will certainly look great.
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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                        Your right Dale. no pine in the butcher block. only hard woods.
                        and I think the finish would determan on water sealer. I think it would be more water solubale. with the right sealer.( like barr top or laquor.)I sure don't wont to dell with the grout. and a butcher block would take away from that. It would not depend on what comes down on a bowling ally. so why depend on it here. It would be much easyer to just put a cutting board on the top then it would be easyer to clean up a BBQ ,stain.(then on a grouted top.) just wipe it off. don't you think. I would not cut things on top of a tile and grouted surfis. so I could keep it clean. with the cutting board. .I could keep the butcher block clean too. your friend Evie


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                          The above answer was too short, this sentence is only to make it long enough, but by now this has become overkill.
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                            Sawdust, granit would be nice , But for this old country gal. I can't aford it. well maybe not , I just like wood.
                            Trout. no it is still a wood stove. have been cooking on it for 30 years. but I have upgraded. not that i would let old faithfull go. that stays. but here is are other stove.
                            yes i do like rustic. will alway , I guess.

                            these are some pictures of the rest of the cabnits. bear with me. and tanks. for all your replys. good or indef. your friend Evie
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