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    Hello Guy;
    My name Ed Evans I enjoy Scrolling so must but would like know if there is a way to change the pattern lines from black to red so I can see better?? The only reason is the blade gets lost in the black lines. And I do not want to print all the patterns I have out and trace them in red .Hope you might be able to help me out.
    Ed Evans

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    If you use PSP, open your monochrome pattern and select ADJUST - COLOR BALANCE - CHANNEL MIXER. Set the Output Channel to 'RED'. The Source Channels should be set at Red 100%, Green 0% and Blue 0%. Finally, set the Constant to 200%.

    This should give you a red and white pattern instead of a black and white one.

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      I remember reading in SSW somewhere....
      You can also take a highliter pen and draw over the lines, the yellow and black offers a good contrast.
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        That would be page 6 SSW #18 Spring 2005...

        I just happened to look at it this afternoon

        And the answer was that (they inquired at staples) most photocopying places can photocopy in the colour you whant from black.

        If you have a scanner and colour printer, you can also use many software to change the colour of the lines.

        So it depends on your setup.

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          Rapid Resizer

          Go to It does more than just resize patterns. You can also have all the lines tinted red. Great program. Free use for 14 days. Try it, you'll like it. I have used it a bunch.
          Chuck D

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            Like ChuckD, I use Rapid Resizer a lot. It is a good program. You might also consider the fact that several copying services--Staples, etc--can, if you ask, copy b&w into red, green, or whatever.
            Old Mooner


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              I too thank you for this good impho. I did not know that staples, did copeying in differant colors. I do know that they will turn my pattern grey , witch is good when the old patterns are all in black. no lines. my blade gets lost in all that black too. when i cut a patten with lines. I cut outside the line. that works for me. but still have troubale with the all black patterns. your friend Evei


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