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  • getting to know each other more

    Hi all. would any one object to getting to know all are members alittle more.the one thing i just loved about Neals Av. tread was we got to see alittlae more about are loves and likes. even though it is a scrollsawing magazine, we are creating a family here. I think it would be so fun to expand. on getting to know each other better. I think we are all talented in many more ways. exsampale. I love to garden, and fish , and hunt. embroider, quilt. and do other wood working. like cabnets, and furnitur. which is all good. but just to know each other better. I know this could get away form the main subject. but just thought i would ask. I think it is enspiering to see what we all love to do. as a group an family out side of are own. thanks for letting me shar what ever i can. this is off topic right. so forgive me if im off base on this one. your friend Evie.

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    I am new to Scrollsawing and to tell you the truth I got into it because I live in an Apt in Taipei Taiwan and needed a hobby that didn't take up too much room. I have lived overseas for the last 17 years. I have lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, The Netherlands, Philippines, China, Germany and now in Taiwan. When I'm home I really enjoy hunting and fishing and if I miss hunting season I just like to shoot. I have a place near Minot ND where I am hoping to retire too in about 4 1/2 years. I was born and raised in Hamilton Montana,

    I really enjoy sucking up all of the knowledge and experience you all have.
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      I think that is a terrific idea! We all get to know snippets about one another as we go along, but sharing info here in the "off topic" sounds great (unless Bob knows of a reason we should not)
      I live in a tiny trailer on a 160 acre ranch owned by a couple. I care for the horses, chickens, dogs, and several aging Texas Longhorns, and i do the evening cooking (I call it supper - they call it dinner) I live with 3 cats, a sheltie and a rescued sheltie cross puppy. I like to woodcarve, scroll, woodburn, and I'm dabbling in some simple woodworking. I also like to "play" with watercolors, I read a lot, and have a small yard full of pots of flowers and vegetables, and a big tub of goldfish. In the past I was a high school and junior high science teacher. After I got discouraged teaching, I did lots of other jobs - collecting stray bits of knowledge all along the way. I volunteer fotr the local hospice, and I can now donate platelets every 2 weeks (C-free for 5 years!!!)
      I love to scroll puzzles and compound cut goodies, especially the humorous ones.
      I, too, consider this a family. Thanks, Sis, for suggesting this thread.


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        Evie, did you say quilt? Love quilting!! although I don't do much of it, not enough time working full time and my woodworking business, but I do some when I get time. In fact, I have used some quilting stencils for patterns for christmas ornaments and lids for my scrolled boxes! There's a little shop in Annapolis, MD that I go to occasionally and really get lost in all the beautiful materials, and the more I wonder around the shop the more ideas I get for scrollsawing!! So one hobby leads to another. I also do crossstitch at work when we are slow or during lunch and some sewing for fun, like drapes for the new living room, etc. In fact, I got into woodworking so I could make enough money to buy a $6000 sewing maching and found I like woodworking just as much and the money has gone into tools instead of a new sewing machine. Maybe one day. Now, does anyone have any advice on being the grandmother of TWINS! My daughter's babies are due this fall and I am so excited I can hardly wait!!!! And I love the idea of getting to know each other through this forum. And MinotBob, how in the world do you have room in an apartment for a scrollsaw and all the accompanying dust, tools, wood, etc.? That is one I would really like to hear!!

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          this is so cool.
          MInotbob , Taipei Tawan.LOL Stupid donen't hurt.I to Love sucking up Knowledge. Hunting season is over here but I too love to practice my shotting . we have a little place up in the mountains to play.I spend many shells there. sounds like you are on Duty. are son has some land and a wife and a son there. mmmm wonder if they met. Montana awwwwwww I would love to live there ( in summer) lol . I hope you Post some of your work in the forume. I would love to see it. welcome to the group. and please don't be shy. we love to here from every one. bet you have alot to shar. your friend Evie


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            Sandy: sounds like your in heven. there on your 160 acres. also sounds like you are a artist. not, only in nature, but kids.not to mention us big folks. I too love Puzzales an wont to do some compound cutting.I just have to practise . lol. aaawwwwww and wood turning. that would take some doing on my part. for i would have to get my hubby out of the way. lol. there is so many things i wont to do , isn't it funny how we are all alike somehow. we do love are woodwork, and other arts or crafts, What ever huh. hope you keep coming in and posting. we would all love to here from you. and what you are doing. at least i would. your friend Evie ps. I do love the cretters too. they give life to us all.


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              Hi Will , Yes I did say Quilt. I too use my Quilting patterns to do scroll working. Xmas ornements for sure. your right one idea does lead to another.funny how we are all alike somehow. but Wow 6000 for a sewing machine. and i thought i was bad at 2000. but then i am a thread junkie, and a fabric junkie. woops not to mention a wood junkie. lol. did i mention i do Embroidery, have you ever heard of Tamaie balls. thats a form of Embroidery. I am trying to incorperate.(like i can spell that.) Embroidery, and woodworking together. thank you for posting . and i hope you keep coming back. for i rely enjoyed talking to you. Wait Did you say Twins. wow grams. now you have your hands full. now not only do you have to teach them how to sew but how to scroll too. your going to have fun now. wow good luck. I bet you can teach them all you know. if we can hellp. just give us a jiegale. if you get lost just ask for the one whoe can't spell. lol'
              your friend Evie


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                Hi Evie
                No US Military here anymore. They had to leave when Nixon recognised mainland China. I work for Boeing. I left Montana when I was tired of starving to death. But I really love the state. Just don't have any roots there anymore.
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                Remember you only really need 2 tools: WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use the Duct Tape


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                  Gotya Bob . sorry about the misunderstanding. wuuuuuuuuu long what now. you still work on your woodworking. ? what you making now. I bet it is awsom . would love to see. and i bet you have alot to share with us. you know. we do car. you are part of this family. are we yours. hope so. your friend Evie


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                    Great idea Evie!

                    I like to scroll, thats why we are all here I guess. I like to draw and write, I am very slowly working on a childrens novel.
                    I write poetry too.

                    My wife and I love to dance we are taking ballroom dancing lessons.

                    We both like camping and I just bought a 1974 Apche Mesa popup tent trailer.
                    I don't know why they call it a tent since the sides are all ABS plastic. That will be a bit of a restoration project.

                    I like inventing things that will probably never come to be but it is fun to get the ideas on paper...."My mistletoe beltbuckle just never did pan out"
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                      I'm the technical editor of Scroll Saw Workshop and Wood Carving I take all the material that comes in from our authors, organize it based on our magazine style, make sure everything works out, and gather all the materials for the issue.

                      I carve, scroll, play video games (my weakness), read, and write (plays, poetry, horror fiction).



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                        I am a VP of an IT development group. Living in New Jersey, I commute three hours a day. That is something people in most areas of the country would shudder over. (I do too when I take time to think about it!) Here, its a way of life.

                        I am married to a wonderful woman for 19 years and have two very active teenagers.

                        Other than my family, I have two hobbies. Birding and woodworking. I seldom have much time for either in this stage of my life. My free time in spring and fall is usaully taken up with birding. I travel all over the state trying to find as many species as possible and in the fall spend a lot of weekends on mountain ridges watching the parade of raptors go by on their annual migration south.

                        Summer time is family time in my house. I am proud of my kids and I enjoy watching them grow but at the same time I realize time with them home is short and I plan on taking advantage of what there is left.

                        That leaves the winter for woodworking and my very slowly growing scrolling skills. I have mentally cataloged hundreds of ideas to make in my shop. Someday I will get to them.

                        I have a dream of living on a small farm with a few chickens and goats. I have already designed the stand-alone workshop with a small store for all of the customers that will be beating down my door.

                        Oh well- at least the eggs can bring in income.

                        -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                          What I Do

                          Well.....I'm retired...twice. First from the Navy in 1983 and again from Pechiney Aluminum in 2002. I also like to hunt, fish and much so that my girlfriend and I spend the whole summer at our camper. We got eight nice trout from the Cranberry River this weekend and a nice bunch of Ramps. (That's an early spring vegetable much like a very strong green onion). Spring Gobbler season will be coming in in late April so we'll be turkey hunting in the hills near the camper. The only "work" I do now is scrolling, an occasional article for SSW magazine, and I just finished a book on Segmented Portraits to be released by Fox Chapel in Sept. this year. We also are Karoke Jockeys and play at the local watering holes a couple times a month during the winter. We'll be moving to the camper in mid April, weather permitting, and will spend the first few days putting out a vegetable garden. Then we'll spend the rest of the summer chasing deer out of it!!! LOL!!
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                            Hi all, married 50 years, 1 son, 4 daughters,8 grand kids, 4 great grandkids. Retired mail carrier, walked a route for 32 years, retired in 1992. The same year I started scrolling. 2 years in the Navy aboard the USS Coral Sea an aircraft carrier 1955 and 56. Oldest daughter and son live nearby, 1 daughter in Alaska, 1 in NJ and the youngest in Appleton, WI. Most of my woodworking consists of scrolling, making my own picture frames and have made over 200 clocks. I scroll portraits, scenic pictures and a few fretwork clocks. Golf is my other hobby. When the kids were still home we camped all over the west in an Apache tent trailer pulled with a 72 GMC suburban. Mick
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                              Like Neal, I am twice retired. I retired in 1983 with 22 years in the U.S. Air Force where I was an F-4 Phantom driver (twice in Vietnam), babysat missiles (Minuteman) underneath the plains of N. Dakota (Minot), and was a spy (communications intelligence) for awhile in England and Thailand. I retired from Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama where I taught in the Air Force Command and Staff College. I moved back to Texas and taught economics for 18 years in a local community (junior) college. Retired in May of last year. I read a couple novels a week, carve birds, cowboys, "folk" figures, and walking sticks, scroll a little of everything. I love music of all types--except Rap-- (used to play the trombone-now I just whistle) and, contrary to all political correctness, like to smoke my pipe (at my age, it ain't gonna shorten my life any) and chase old women (thank God I haven't caught any lately). I thoroughy enjoy this forum and the variety of folks it attracts. We are a mixed (and mixed up) bunch. If this group is a "family", then I guess I would be the odd, blacksheep uncle that the kids like but Mom and Dad wonder about.
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