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    Scrollers, I've got a question for any of you engineering/HVAC types. I was looking for a less expensive alternative for dust collector hose and came across a "semi-rigid flexible aluminum duct" that is about half the price of the regular DC hose (not to mention lighter and easier to move from machine to machine). Looking at the performance data, max velocity would be no problem (5000 FPM) and operating temp is not relevant for this application. For maximum rated pressures it lists 6" w.g. Pos/Neg. I'm assuming this means the rating is good for positive or negative pressure, but what kind of unit is w.g.? Anyone have an idea how I could verify that this would be okay to use in a DC application? Thanx.

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    Not being a engineeror even as smart as but just a woman that loves tools -- and a exhouse wife for 38 years I am guessing and mind I did say guess -- it is your width girth -meaning 6 inches agross.
    Heck as far as if it would work -even a flexible pvc dryer hose would work - as long as your dimensions across are right- it won't have any heat but you do need to have th same girth as the blower outlet..


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      It basically means "water gauge". It refers to the amount of air pressure it takes to raise a column of water 6 inches in a tube that is calibrated for that measurement.
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