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  • Hey Old Mooner

    I found this link and sent it to Carl aka, the Canadain scroller. and he seen you, or a likeness of you, in the backround of the picture as well.

    Thought you might want to get a laugh,
    wait for the song to load it fits the picture very well..

    now carl nor i am saying were in any better shape, but
    Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster

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    Hey Mooner,

    Word to the's dangerous to mow your lawn with fallen socks, might cause an accident.


    DeWalt 788

    aut viam inveniam aut faciam

    God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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      Geez--I told Ethel there was no more privacy!! Actually, I wish I looked that good in socks and my hat. Besides, I'm a redhead. That guy is obviously not Celtic.
      Old Mooner


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        hummm didnt notice about being redheaded,

        but he is sure hunting something, wonder what fell off....
        or maybe watching the neighbors dog GGGGGRRRRRRR!!

        Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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          That was hilarious. I have sent that on to all my friends, who will of course recognize themselves. Oh yeah, I personally can't relate to what they're singing about.



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            Yea right Harris-- and I have some ocean front property in arizona for you too


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              Sharon's Basket

              Hey Sharon....I was looking thru the gallery and saw some of your work. Nice stuff!!! I made that same lidded basket out of 1/4 inch oak but I enlarged the pattern 200%. I made one regular size and ran it off on a tip board at my local watering hole. At a dollar a tip I got $100.00 for it!! I'll try to get that oak out to ya before too much longer. The 1/4 inch stuff is great for a lot of the patterns in that book. I made a lot of jewelry boxes and clocks from it last Christmas and couldn't keep up with the orders. Had to quit taking orders so I could get everything done in time. I'll probably be going to the moulding mill early next month so I'll get some wood out to you soon.
              If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                Gee thats great Neal-- It really does my old heart good to have you like my work- I did take the doll cradle in the book and enlarged it to make a full size cradle for my Grandaughter for Christmas--boy was that a job-before I had better sense than to round off the edges-yea even on the inside fretts- droped a side on my foot hanging it to dry and broke 2 toes-ouch- what we go through to make our grands spoiled-- but it will last several generations-- speaking of watering holes I don't drink but that did give me a idea.. thaks again for your support..and help


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                  Sharon's Welcome Sign

                  Hi Sharon,

                  I really love your Welcome sign. Can you tell me how you went about painting it?


                  P.S. Getting back to original subject of this thread; is that how he got the name Old Mooner?
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                    Thanks Dan --- That sign is a very good seller- But I just use plain old acrylic paint and then give it a coat of clear poly-- I then put it on a backer board and then it is finished but that in my gallarey was one that is waiting on me to attach it ..I just wanted to post it before I let it slip out the door- I have other pieces that I wish I had taken photos of before they were picked up


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                      Hey Mooner -- just how did You get your name ???


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                        YEA Mooner ! !
                        What a coincidence.
                        I was a little reluctant to click on that link because I am on dial up and sometimes that type is a long download. So I just now clicked on it and it loaded fairly fast. I just about fell off my chair when I saw the picture that goes with that song. That is one of my favorite "fun" songs that I play . I play and sing at at least three musical functions every week. This week I have four to do and it's all free for the fun of it. The shut-ins where I play at some nursing homes sure get a laugh from that song and always request it. From spring to fall I participate in a lot of bluegrass festivals around the country.
                        And you said you have red hair. That is another coincidence . Mine was red all my life until it started going grey about 5 years ago..
                        Having several hobbies is what keeps me young apart from what my last name is.

                        Gotta go. Off to our regular Monday night jam session of about 30 musicians at the local hall from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm.

                        The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

                        Delta P-20 Scroll Saw, 14" x 43" Craftex Wood Lathe and Jet 10" Mini Lathe .


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                          Hey gang, remember that I am not the one in that picture. Dadgummit, I'm purdier than that guy pushing the lawnmower!
                          Bill, I have to admit that my hair (what there is left of it) "used to be" red. Mine is also getting more and more grey as well. When you get to be my age there are a lot of "used to beez."
                          Sharon, my nickname actually has nothing to do with the act of dropping one's drawers in an act of defiance. It originally began years ago in an old comic strip known as "Gasoline Alley". There was a character in that strip called "Moon Mullins" and just about every male in the U.S. with the surname "Mullins" began to be called "MOON". Of course, when I entered the Air Force (the military is notorious for nicknames) and became a pilot, everyone called me "Moon" and it became my callsign when I was flying as well as what all my friends called me. Over the years I have forgotten my given name since I have always, it seems, answered to my nickname. Even my students (when I was an economics professor) called me Mr. Moon.
                          Old Mooner


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                            Yea tell me about the Air Force- I was born at Roswell (on base) when my Dad was stationed there- Yea I was a 1948 baby -I still think my home planet is light years away -- My brother was AF at Travis then went to quam in 67- he flew too- and dumb me was at travis for a while -- si tell me how the AF works --


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                              Do I detect a note of bitterness in your AF experience? I was just telling you how I got my nickname. I spent 22 years in the military and loved every minute of it--hated some of my assignments at times. The only time I was at Travis was when I had to qualify with the M-16 before going to 'Nam the first time. My only assignment in Calif was at Vandenberg. I don't know if you were "dumb" to be at Travis or not. I have also flown through Guam several times. Sorry if I drudged up old memories.
                              Old Mooner


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