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2nd Kiwi Style Picnic

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  • 2nd Kiwi Style Picnic

    In a few hours time a small group of us (6 -10) will be spending the weekend together in our shed scrolling, chatting, eating & drinking over the BBQ, and generally have a great time. One aim we are planning to achieve, other than the most important one of fostering frienship, is each making a small article for the scrollsaw raffle table at our next Woodworker's Guild Open Day. So we will see how we go!
    Cheers. Teresa .

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    I know it is summer there, so now I have two things to be envious of.
    I hope you take some pictures and post them for us.

    Happy scrolling
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      Oh, that sounds like so much fun!! Yes - we want to see pictures!
      Theresa E


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        You certainly managed a good weekend weatherwise which only compounds my disapointment at being unable to attend this year. I hope it all goes really well for you. Will I see you at Turangi?

        Rhys H.


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          Yeah, it sounds like fun. I wasnt able to make it either Teresa, but maybe someday I can !
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Great Weekend!

            Well it's been one fantastic weekend. The weather has been fantastic at 23 degrees, the friends fantastic, food (of course, I was the cook!) fantastic, and the scrolling? ... fantastic. Had six arrive with saws (unfortunately 3 had to pull out due to family situations - family MUST always come first). We also had several people, newcomers interested in scrolling, stopping by. It was good to have them come to visit.

            Saturday started with Alan giving us all a two little blocks to make a name tag out of and today started with having to make a butterfly. Little things to do but he had a reason for giving us each of these projects. If you wish Bob. I'll could write a bit about this and a bit more about our day for the magazine, Just let me know.

            As for our projects for the raffle - well yes, I got one of mine completed and the others still have a little to finish on theirs - I think the talking and cuppas took over a bit - great fun!

            I'll get back with a few pictures.

            I'll get back here with a couple of photos shortly.

            (Rhys, I may get to Turangi for the day on the Sat after all. A couple or three of us are talking about a day trip so will look forward to meeting you personally. Trev will be up with Jim as per usual on the Fri.)

            (Dale, sorry the invitation must have got lost in the the mail But wouldn't it be great if you, and others, WERE able to visit us one day )
            Cheers. Teresa .


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              Picnic 06 Teresa 3.JPG Here I am! Working too hard to even look up and smile.

              Picnic 06 Team 3.JPG Five out of six holding our butterfly's and names.

              I had several interesting shots I wanted to upload but keep getting a message that the files are too big in size..maybe I will try again some other time when I'm not getting so frustrated. Anyway these 2 pics will at least give you an idea of who I am and where I work.

              Another site you can checkout is Look under Event Reports for Feilding Collaboration. This was a recent event Trev & I had a part in organising. An amazing goblet is there! Awesome event!
              Cheers. Teresa .


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                Thanks for sharing Teresa!! Really enjoyed seeing the photos and being able to put faces with names.
                If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                  Nice shop, Teresa!
                  And some really nice jobs on the flutterbys.
                  Thanx for letting us share the fun.


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