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  • What magzines do we read

    An inquiring mind wants to know. Besides SSW, which in my mind is the best magazine available , what other publications does everyone read? For me it is SSW, Wood and Bassmasters (my other vise is bass fishing) in that order.....
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    National Geographic
    Southern Living
    There's lots more I like but I hardly have time for these! *scroll, scroll, scroll*


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      I do read SSW, in fact it is one of the few magazines I subscribe to,

      I also subscribe to Canadian Woodworking, I met the publisher at a wood show and I was an easy mark The rest of the woodworking magazines I read, are intermittent. I see what they have in them before I buy.

      I also loiter around my favorite used book store and snatch up all the scrolling books as they come in. I can get used scrolling books for the price of a new magazine.

      I also scrounge up all the toy making books for the local Wooden Toy Makers Society.
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        I read 2 scrollsaw magazines SSW and CWC.
        Astronomy, PC World, gardening, sometimes golf.

        Delta P-20 & Q-3

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          Now that we can get SSW at Lowes--CWC --and Birds and Blooms (after my mom has finished her copy ) they have neat projests in them and the photos make great jigsaw puzzles --I was given a subscription to CWC last year for my birthday but I don't care enough for it to renew it--but I have to have my SSW--Its like my fix for good projects and tips-I never found lots in it I didn't make or at least have on my list to make- Classic Fretwork ScrollSaw Patterns by Patrick Spielmanand James Reidle-They have super patterns of victorian fretwork and they enlarge very nicely.


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            Lets see--SSW, National Geographic, The Week (news magazine), Reader's Digest, and, of course, Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. Ha, just kidding. Reading? those last three would be akin to me getting the Neiman Marcus catalog. Oh well.
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              Woodturning Designs, and ScrollsawWorkshop and Creative Woodworks & Crafts when I can find them on the magazine stands and a three year paid subscription to WOOD magazine.

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                scrollsaw workshop,woodcarving illustrated,creative woodworks and
                crafts,golf digest and baseball digest.
                Delta P-20


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                  Didn't know there were any others beside ScrollSaw Workshop!

                  That probably won't get me a free extension on my subscription, so here's the others- CWC, Wood, WoodTurning Designs, Woodshop News, Bike and Bicycling. Kind of narrow minded huh?

                  There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                    I forgot there is also an E-zine I read Makezine.

                    So many weird , wacky and wonderful inventions there.
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                      I love to read.....

                      Scrollsaw Workshop, CWC, WOOD, American Woodworker, SAFARI, SAFARI Times, North American Hunter, Big Game Adventures, Hunting the West, Sporting Classics, The Sixgunner, and Shooting Times. I also receive, for free, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, and Field and Stream as well as occasional issues of Alaska Magazine and Fish Alaska.

                      Gee, if I cancelled all but the first, I could buy that drum sander.......
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                        Wouldn't be without my SSW! This is the best one as it is TOTALLY dedicated to scrollsawing. Also get Creative Woodworks.
                        Cheers. Teresa .


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                          magazines read

                          scrollsaw workshop,creative woodworks,carving magazine, readers digest.
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                            I use to get various golf magazines but found that after 6-7 months they start repeating themselves.

                            I use to get various strength training magazines and found the same problem with the golf mags.

                            I use to have subscriptions to some various woodworking magazines and found I have no real time to do all those projects. And though they do not get as repetitive... the how to's tend to do that.

                            The only regular magazine I get now is SSW. Always new projects, although I don't have the time to do them all, filing patterns (throwing them is a keep box) is much easier and when needed, I can always use or adapt patterns as needed.

                            I have become a pattern hawk.... Is there a cure?


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                              Besides the obvious scrolling mags, I subscribe to Woodsmith (my favorite), Wood, The Crafts Report, East Coast Artisan, Readers Digest, and Popular Science. I also tend to buy Astronomy fairly regularly (need to renew my subscription one of these days), and will occasionally pick up one of the zillion other woodworking magazines if it has something that interests me.

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