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    A question for those of you who try to sell your wares at shows, on commission, etc. What software do you use to manage your business, if any? I'm talking about keeping account of costs, sales, etc. Any suggestions?
    Old Mooner

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    I have looked at business software and found it pretty expensive and extensive. I don't need to print invoices or do payroll. I did come across a trial version that someone had made that allowed you to try then buy. If I come across it again I will post the information.
    For now, I made up a spreadsheet in Excel using the Balance Sheet template.

    There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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      Hi Mooner, We don't sell at craft shows but own a small business. We've used both Microsoft Money and Quicken and find both to be great for keeping track of sales, costs and all the other things you need to track. I personally like Money because it talks you through everything and is easy to learn. Charts and reports are also in the software so you can easily see what you're spending, what your income is and what your profit is. The average person doesn't keep track of ALL their costs but this software prompts you for them and lets you insert any that it doesn't list but you'd like to track. It's pretty simple and would do the job.



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        Business software

        Hi Moon,

        We use a program called Quickbooks by Intuit to keep our accountants happy.

        It is pretty easy to use and allows for the learning curve. In the past I have used programs that don't allow for those "oops, I didn't mean to do that THERE" kind of moments.

        This program is available at most of those big box office supply stores and I believe the program is reasonably priced for the reporting it can do for you. All depends on your business needs I suppose.


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