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Out with the bad (blades)

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  • Out with the bad (blades)

    Shazaam,Shazaam,Shazaam Sgt Carter! Man we're running on 100 octane now!Got my first FD blades from Mike this week.I ain't a goin' back to the "other " blades.These blades are a cut above the rest.Example- over the weekend I cut out a project with the "other" blades.It took 4 hrs cutting time.I took one of my FD blades,and cut another one of the same project, using the same type wood and thickness.IT ONLY TOOK AN HOUR AND 15 MIN! Flying Dutchman blades are the Jaguar of scrollsaw blades! ---Back to the saw---oh wait- after I throw those other blades in the trash.
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    Yes we all have our own preferences on the blades that work best for us.
    Perhaps you would like to show a picture of the project that you are referring to that took all that much difference in time to cut.
    Happy scrolling to you.

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      Well 299t--
      I'm glad you and Gomer Pyle have found blade utopia. More power to you. I would, however, be careful about being too critical about some else's heaven. There is more than one kind of most tools for a reason. We are all a little different and we use tools, machines, etc differently. As I have said before on this forum, touting a certain brand of tool and/or accessory is fine as long as there is the understanding that the touter is "brand-name" loyal because that tool worked for him/her. It may not be the choice of others and it is always possible that in a poll (like the one on which saws we own) that the "majority" view is not necessarily the best for each of us.
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        i guess we've got differing perspectives on the saw poll, OM...I included who voted for what saw so someone who was thinking about getting that saw could contact someone who has one to ask them about it...some people like Jedi have a number of saws and have experience with all of them.

        I looked at it more as a resource for questions like the recent one about the Dewalt that was blowing fuses...

        But I guess I need to pay more attention to ALL the perspectives when I work things up like that!!! Thanks for opening my eyes!


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