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  • Super cheerful guy !

    I finally quit thinking about it and made my first order of Flying Dutchman blades from Mike Moorlach at mikesworkshop today.I've got to tell you, Mike's a very cheerful person.Rather than use his convenient on-line ordering, (I was at work,you know how surfing the net is a no-no, ahem) I decided to use that marvelous technological thing-a-ma-giggy called a telephone, and call him. I also had the opportunity to speak with his wife. He talks to you like you're a life-long friend! One very interesting moment in our conversation came when he noticed my last name more closely.He shared that he had school classmates in the Netherlands with some people who had the same last name.[I]IIt's a small world after all![I]It was such a pleasant experience speaking with him, that shortly thereafter, I had to call my wife at work and share it with her.
    If anyone has not had the opportunity to conduct business with him, give him a call. He'll brighten your day!He's also a member of this site.Just look for user 3m.
    I just wish now that I didn't have to wait through the weekend for my blades to arrive.
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    I totally agree with you that Mike is one very sweet guy- and you 'll have those blades faster than you think- I know I buy all my blades from him and I wish I could get some of every size -- okay i'm greedy -I want a lot of every size. But Mike has ALWAYS ---ALways gone a few steps futher to make his customers happy . I personally havent spoken to his wife but I have talked to Mike many times and he has taught me a lot.


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      I've talked to Mike a couple of times on the phone and he is just as you say a great guy, I've also bought several gross of blades from Mike and will as long as he sells FD blades.

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        I have not talked to Mike personally but he has called about a question on my order. I had always used Olson blades but never again. I think that I almost have my father-in-law talked into ordering them also.

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          Mike is my "blade man" too. His product and service are the best!!

          Rhys H.


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            Mike's blades

            I have to import my blades, as the ones available locally are 'junk'. I ordered from Mike last year and he was very pleasant and helpful - I had my blades in S.A. within a week! I now refer all my local fellow scrollers to him as well.

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              He is the best

              Yep, Mike is the best! I would use no other blades. I, too, have had the pleasure of talking to him and is dose treat you like a life long friend. I hope he will be at the Fox open house so I can meet him in person.


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                I agree Mike has the best blades and service.When you talk with him
                he has a lot of good tips for you and he wont sell you anything you
                don't really need.
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                  Let me add my vote for Mike. Talk about customer service. One time I put the wrong PO Box on my online order and he called to ask if I made a mistake, which I did. Now that's service. I don't know how the other blades being sold by others stack up but I'll keep buying from Mike



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