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    This forum has been real slow to load the last 2 days, has anybody else had this problem?

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    I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!

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    We have DSL at the office, and I haven't noticed anything...does the regular SSW site load slow as well?



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      Just the forum Bob. If I log onto the rest of the site no problem.

      Today was ok though, so far
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        ok, whew, i returned home last night and hurried in here. I left thinking my computer was messed up. Its nice to know it wasnt just me!Yes, its going good this morning though, so nobody touch nuttin!
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          I've not had any problems. I'm on broadband and the forum seems to be no different to how it usually is. There again, there might be less traffic when I'm around because of the time difference.

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            Early this morning it was working slow but now it seems to be OK.

            Delta P-20 & Q-3

            I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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              Bob D;
              Yes for several days it has been coming up at a snail's pace for me. Glad to see I wasn't alone or that it might have been my computer. The Home Page would come up normal but when I clicked on "New Posts" as I usually do, it would take forever to come up on my dial up service even with accellerated access up and running. It would also take a very long time to bring up messages from the new posts page or answer them. From preview to submit reply took three to five minutes sometimes.
              But today at noon, everything is zapping in at normal speed so perhaps it was just some little computer termite or gremlin doing it's thing.
              Arn't computers just wonderfull ? ?

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