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OT: Honeybells critrus fruit

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  • OT: Honeybells critrus fruit

    This is just a cultural phenomenon heads up on trends.

    The independent growers in the State of Florida have a new citrus fruit called HoneyBells. It is a new fruit hybrid and naturally is in low production in Florida.
    This limited edition fruit is a treat citrus connoisseurs look forward to every January when the HoneyBell season starts. HoneyBells are a treasured rare hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit, with a unique bell shape. This combination resulted in a sweeter fruit, loaded with juice, featuring an intense unique flavor of their own.
    (from web site of a grower)

    It is only ripe during the month of January, and I got a few last week. They are everything the hype said they are. The Grapefruit used for the cross is a red colored fruit. is one link.
    this link ships to Europe
    News outlet story:

    These sweet, but tart tasting, fruits are getting a lot of Internet Buzz right now in parts of North America. I only got my first taste of these just last week. Could not help but pass the information on.

    If you do a google on "honeybells", you will get lots of links. Plenty of graphics showing baskets of honeybells.


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