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  • Women's Choice?

    While going through a mountain of papers on my desk/drafting table, - sorting through various sketches and patterns in stages of completion and a question came to mind.

    There are several women scrollers here, and I would like to hear from all the women as to what themes of patterns they look for - example, birds, flowers, cars, animals etc. Also of interest is the style women scrollers prefer, fretwork, intarsia or segmentation.


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    Toni - I have a love of fretwook and that is my chice to do --but I have and do a lot of portraits ( I enjoy doing the ones that resemble someone I actually know -not the moviestars ) I do a lot of dragons that appeal to me because dragons are a favorite of my son - his lady is into dolphins- thus I sell a lot of dolphins over most any thing- I have had calls for wolves and eagles also- I have made victorian cradles ( life size- bird house and feeders are good too- but i want to learn intersia and segmentatation but i dont have the tools nor the wood or finances for either ..
    I use to do a lot of special orders but since I had to much going on for a few months with orders and made myself sick I have slowed down emensly and now I saw what I want when I want..
    Moral of this story -- when you are over the hill the slip downward is faster than going up -- so slow down and enjoy the scenery-
    Being old is nice -- now i can sleep as much as I want..
    work when I want and cook in my toaster oven --lol--


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      Most of my work is given to family and friends. I just make whatever they ask of me, or whatever I think they might like.

      There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
      (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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        Hmmm, Choices Choices Choices

        Good Question..
        So often I think that we spend our time making things for others or thinking of the commerciaol viability of a pattern or project that we forget our original thoughts and plans for our saws ... After purchasing a lot of tools and patterns from very well known artists I learned that basically all I need is three tools ( my saw, a belt sander and a drill press with a mop sander on it most of the time) , that I have a need to make projects from my own designs and that segmentation is what I truely enjoy most..because I can play with color and not always follow the lines of my own patterns lol..

        I like animals this am drawing and making projects with some fairly 'artistic' week..who knows..I might want to work on something more functional, or seasonal or silly..

        my plan is to continue to experiment and play and make lots of sawdust..and if someone likes what I have made..maybe I'll selll the project..or give it away..or say..sorry, this one has a spot on my wall just waiting for me to hang it there.. at least for awhile..then I'll remember that I can do or make anything I want..and change whatever is on my walls lol!!

        Sue Chrestensen


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          Sharon, thanks for the reply. Dragons, wolves and eagles are three characters always in demand. Lucky for me, I like all three of those for themes.

          The dolphins, well - cool. I don't believe I have done a dolphin theme. Thanks for you your input.

          When you make portrait of people you know, do you design them yourself?

          Take care.


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            Gill, so you're accomadating?

            You have no preference to style or theme?

            Take care


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              I am sorry to say that I am not the brain that can design- I am a redhead ya know -well I was a hundred years ago- I do catch a portrait every great once in a while of someone elses design that looks like someone in my family- they are few and far between but they have been seen by others as the same ones I saw them- 2 of a little girl that was the spitting image of my grandaughter and one that looked like her and her dad... unfortunally there are character portraits that are in remberance of someone -- but I do have to admit that I belong to the other free pattern groups and I do chose from there.
              I just dont chose as often as i did when i started-now i just choose what i know i will use


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                Toni, the aspect that got me into scrollwork in the first place was seeing stand up figures. Now I make them of my grandchildren from a photo on each birthday. Only trouble is now with a third grandchild on the way I will have to have a lot more shelf space by the time they all get to 21!!!!! Currently I have them standing on a shelf above the cuboards in the kitchen and I look at them and remember them whenever I'm cooking.

                Then I made lots and lots of board type jigsaws (grandkids again!!).

                I love interesting puzzles - like the macaw puzzle - it's good hanging up because it doesn't take up shelf space. Also stand up puzzles - love to see some vehicle designs (vintage, motorbike?) something interesting enough and challenging enough to draw the adults. The pack of puppies one has sold well for me and I'd love to see a similar ones with other animals - kittens mice, pigs, kiwis.

                I have made a few bits with Kiwiana themes, ferns, koru. This is an area I would like to get into a bit more but often get frustrated with my lack of drawing ability!

                Currently I'm furnishing a dolls house with Patrick Spielman's fretwork furniture (yep, you guessed it, grand-daughter's future present - for about 3yrs time!) An extension of his range of furniture would be good - even if I can't fit much more into the current house! Maybe I could make an extension!

                I love fretwork - I love the look of it - I love cutting it. I mostly love cutting fretwork because it means cutting thinner wood. I'm not much into anything more than about 15mm thick as any thicker is just too hard on my hands and only leads to taking me away from the shed for a few days. (I have very limited movement and much disability due to a lifetime of R Arthritis.) Basically I like cutting smaller things.

                Hope you can draw something out of that mixed bag, Toni.
                Cheers. Teresa .


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                  Great topic Toni.

                  I do scrolling demonstrations at our local fair. I am amazed that of all the visitors that come to my booth I would say the number of female scrollers is two to one.

                  In victorian times much of the scrolling was done by women. It really shouldnt be a surprise the number of women that still scroll.....not that any of them started then

                  I am also interested in what they like to scroll.
                  CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                  "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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                    I came to scrolling through carving (cutting intricate or smaller blanks), so it may not be a surprise that I enjoy cutting thicker (so called 1-by or 2-by) woods. I've been making lots of puzzles ala Judy Peterson and Jim Sweet, also lots of the fun compound creations from Diana Thompson. My favorite themes are wildlife, especially wolves, bears and owls (working into eagles), domestic cats and dogs, and some dragons (friends into things Chinese or martial arts). I don't mind cutting cute things, but I usually balk at cutesy.
                    I have laid out a segmentation project, and I am lusting after intarsia, so this will probably be the year for that too.
                    I have had, so far, not as much success with the thin things I've tried - and practically no real fretwork - yet! And I would love to do some Carter-style puzzles, but have not done any yet.
                    The only things I've sold have been puzzles - other things are gifts.


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                      I have much to learn

                      Thanks Little Flower, I did indeed get something out of your reply. Thank you!

                      I understand the wood thickness being hard on your hands.I am sure there are some "technician types" here with vast knowledge that maybe able to give you ideas on how to work around that, but it will all come down to your comfort level - and what you enjoy both in selection of wood and technique.

                      After years of preparing architectual models, I admit I wish to stay as far away from that area, and the doll house furniture as possible! Giggle. But perhaps I can work on some other areas of interest for you.

                      Please educate me on this -... "The pack of puppies one has sold well for me and I'd love to see a similar ones with other animals - kittens mice, pigs, kiwis.

                      I have made a few bits with Kiwiana themes, ferns, koru. "...

                      Excuse my ignorance, but to me, (being Canadian and raised in the northern part of Ontario) a kiwi is a fruit. So if you can email me with conceptual pictures or give me some reference to where I can learn more about Kiwiana themes, ferns and koru - I'll see what I can do to add to your selection of patterns.

                      Take care


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                        Thanks for your input on themes, Sandy. Puzzles hmm? Cool!

                        Designing puzzles takes a different mind set than what I have when I sit down with the pencil. I have admired the designs shown in recent issues of SSW, but unfortunately I am not there yet.

                        You came to scrolling because of carving - ironic I read this today since I am attempting (and not too successfully I might add) to carve some of our patterns (CB Designs) to illustrate another use for them.

                        ... "I have laid out a segmentation project, and I am lusting after intarsia, so this will probably be the year for that too." ...

                        Why will there be such a time between styles Sandy?

                        Take care


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                          Toni, the fruit you talk about was knwon in the past as Chinese Gooseberry then us NZer's got in on the act in a big time and they were branded internationally as Kiwi Fruit. Youmay be interested that there has now been an acid free variety developed. It's flesh is yellowish, the skin is smoothe and the fruit is much milder and sweeter. Very nice but I still like the the green one.

                          The Kiwi is our most known native bird and become a symbol of NZ and its people. Hence we often refer to ourselves as Kiwis. It is nocturnal, flightless, has a very long beak with their nostrils right on the end for searching out food deep in the forest floor. The feathers are beautifully soft and the days before the Kiwi was accorded protection the Maori people used to hunt them and use the feathers for use in their traditional cloaks.

                          The silver fern is another of our national symbols. New Zealand was once covered in dense forest with the Punga (tree fern) being very prevalent. The Koru is the new growth coming out of the centre and very much a symbol of newness - new life.

                          I sort out some pictures to email you. Thanks.
                          Cheers. Teresa .


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                            Thank you.

                            Thanks Little Flower for teaching me about Kiwi.

                            I read your post this morning while having coffee and at breakfast, shared what you had written in the post and emails, to the kids. They took a look at the site you sent, and read over some of the information about the bird. Now my daughter wants to know more about the Maori people - the adventure continues.

                            The good news is I sketched out a pattern idea, and posted it on my board above the desk. I will need to work out the fine details, but when I do, I'll send you a copy for your Kiwi Crew approval.

                            Again, thanks.



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                              You ask - why so much time between styles.
                              Well, for one thing, I had a lot of requests for the puzzles, so they were coming first. And I really like to do them - I get a real kick out of the whole process.
                              The other reason is real time constraints - right now I put in 10 to 12 hours daily with a friend's business - so, unless I put aside a special scrolling time (very rare), I just don't have much energy left. The business is slated to close on April 30, and I am hoping to get stuff caught up enough to get to some of the things I've been planning.
                              Then, perhaps the biggest reason - I often find my eagerness to try something new tempered with a reluctance to do something less than well - and that amounts lots of plans without so much action. In carving, I often carve until all the challenges have been worked out, then lose interest and start something else. In scrolling, since the process is faster, I haven't done that -- yet! Yep, just personal stuff, I know, but there I am. I'm hoping the new-found time after May 1 will bring about lots of changes. In the meantime, I steal what bits of time I can, and dream alot.


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