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  • heating issues

    I was just wondering what many of you use for heating your shops or garages in the Winter?? I have R-13 insulation in my garage walls and 1/2" foil covered sheating on the ceiling. All I have is a 40,000 BTU kerosine heater as a heat source. Monday it was 30 degrees for the high temp. I went out to my garage and plugged in my heater and let it run for one hour. When I went back out to start working on my saw I took our house thermomater(sp) an it had raised to 65 degrees after a half hour of sawing I looked again and it was 71 and I was sweating.I had to unplug and plug it back in to keep it a decent temp. I wish it had a thermostat. I happy with what I have was wondering about the rest of you.

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    I've got normal heat, I reckon. My shop is in the basement. I've got about a 40' x 12' space for it. I just need to put up some more walls, to help contain the dust better. Oh, and a new/better dust sucking system. LOL


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      I got a little infrared heater for the garage as one of my gifts. My wife often leaves the door up, so even though I insulated it, it can be pretty cold when I go out there at night. The heater is shaped like a small round fan and has a setting of 400 or 800 watts. It is instant heat for people; takes a little longer for a machine. It's like having a campfire next to you. It can be cold in the garage and I will be toasty as long as I am within a few feet, which I am because my shop is so small. It doesn't have a thermostat, but it does have a timer so it won't stay on if I forget or have something come up while inside. It will occilate like a fan, but I usually just put it on low and aim at me.


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        My garage isn't insulated. I have an 80,000 btu propane heater under a ceiling fan. It does a pretty good job, but when I'm going to do any finishing, I have to turn it off. The fumes get pretty bad.

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          Heating Issues

          If you are using an un-vented heater in your garage ( I used to use a propane bullit heater) buy a digital Carbon monoxide detector. The threshold ion mine was set at 50PPM I was getting a reading of 44 with the garage door partialy open. I always had headaches.

          My woodshop is in the basement and I will be installing a Hydronic heater tied to my furnace with a thermostat controlled seperate zone. I will let you know how that works out.

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            I guess I am more fortunate than most - My shop is the original living room of my house so I have central air and heat with ceiling fans-- when I use my router I was taking it outside but now I just open the door to outside and the double floor length windows and let-er rip-- but I am wondering if the saw dust with the keraseen heaters and all are really safe. I know when I have a project that I have excess sawdust it seems to be very heavy and it would appear to me that it would be flamable.. I know my son uses my sawdust for burning stumps and it works great for instant bon fires... by the way -- it is in the low 70s here now so opening the doors and windows is like heaven right now.


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              For your reading pleasure. Safety



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