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  • Whats on His Wish List

    My Friday adventure was one my husband thought was worth sharing.

    Since the kids were in school we decided to go do a little shopping. Well of course, shopping means stopping by the local Chapters bookstore and Starbucks. While looking at magazines I had a thought. Oh hell since it "is the season of giving" I figured I'd ask my husband to do something I knew he wouldn't mind.... I ask him to pick up some Men's boobs and babes magazines since I needed a particular pose for a pattern I am working on.

    With a smile that said "oh really honey, I can???" He went right to his task. I walked away and looked at some other magazines and he calls me back. "How's this one dear? he asks. So of course I go over and we end up looking at the magazines together.

    Now you know it takes another brave man to come along and stop in the isle with us because there is a woman in the room so to speak. Well, again my husband asks "How about these?" Now the man beside us looks at us. My husband and I am now aware that we are being watched and look at the other man in the isle.

    The look on the man's face is quickly met with my husband's wit and a grin, " We are picking new boobs for her for Christmas" he says.

    So there, I shared! Giggle

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    WOW, didn't see that one coming!!! Please post a picture of the finished product.
    John T.


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      Glad to see you married a man with a sense of humour!
      He is a keeper.
      Hats off to you for sharing too.

      PS I like the new avatar, very seasonal.
      "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
      Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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        I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall!! LOL I would like to see a picture too --


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          LOL,That was pretty good, I'll keep checking the gallery,as I too am anxious to see what style was chosen! Merry Christmas!
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Now that's too great! I love it, but I think I would have tortured the man in the isle a little more. I bet there was some good looking fretwork in that mag.


            My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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              Now that's a shopping trip my husband would have loved too! Good on you for having a bit of fun!!!
              Cheers. Teresa .


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                "Looking Back" - Mirror Complex Segmentation

                Hi Guys!

                Well, She's done.

                She's called "Looking Back" and an exclusive pattern of Chrestensen Burghout Designs, Inc. In otherwords, we have no idea what we will do with her now, other than display her on our site and in my case, she will remain on the studio wall.

                "Looking Back" was a lot of fun to cut. She is about 15" tall in this photo, and was made with baltic birch plywood and acrylic mirror running along her, thus ... looking back.

                Check her out, she's under Segmentation.

                Comments welcome.


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                  Very nicely and tastefully done. It is a different concept. The use of different medium is always interesting. On the border line of risque' but well done. One question though did the husband get to keep the research material???
                  John T.


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                    Very good Toni--
                    I enjoy segmentation and the possibilities are endless. I have never used BB plywood for segmentation projects, but yours looks great. I'm glad some of the members try a little more "artistic" approach to their projects once in a while. That could be the subject of another thread. I notice your figure has already been described as "border line risque'" That is interesting. I suppose some of my acrylic "fairies" also approach that category since they don't wear many clothes. Anyway, good on ya!
                    Old Mooner


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                      Just to rephrase the question I raised on the Scroller Galleries...

                      If you used just BB plywood, just how many dyes, stains, or whatever, did you use? I counted quite a few, but your subtle coloring scheme could have been twice what I counted.

                      Still, very excellent work.



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                        Thanks all, for the compliments on "Looking Back".

                        Sue and I have been working on patterns such as these for sometime and every now and then, well, we seem to get it "right".

                        Phil, she is indeed just baltic birch. I used miniwax golden oak, and walnut stains only. The colouring comes from the application, and mixture of the two stains. For example, on the really light sections, I just dabbed a cloth on a spot on my mixing palette and wiped. I learned a new technique from Sue this summer, it's called "what the hell".... I think she's a great teacher since up until this past summer, I never coloured any scrolled work.


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                          Just two stains and hand mixing?

                          Good Lord, I cannot image what you will be capable of doing if you ever let JT or Steve introduce you to powder wood dyes and the Homestead Finishing web site.

                          But just a warning: Once you start down that road, using powder wood dyes, you are not far off from brewing your own shellac, and then it is just a short hop to main-line full "FRENCH POLISH." {Do I hear a 'Lord Have Mercy'? Thank-you sisters!} You could end up suffling into libriaies seeking another book, writen by Geroge Frank from his Paris address 88 Rue de Charonne. By then you will crave to experiment with bleaching wood. {Thank-you sisters for that 'Lord have Mercy'} And when chemicals are not enough you will move on to fumes and smoke.....

                          sorry, I got carried away.



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                            Can't see the pictures on Toni's website

                            I brought up Toni's site and the pictures aren't showing; just blank boxes where they're supposed to be. All the text displays ok.

                            I have been on the site before and all the pictures displayed ok then. Other websites seem to be working ok.

                            Anyone have any ideas?



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                              Hey there Dan,

                              I am sorry about that, the website was being updated and something went wrong with the photos on some pages.

                              All taken care of. Thanks for letting me know.


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