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  • Pattern Copyrights

    If I use 1/2 of one 1/2 of another does that brake copyrights???
    Can I call this pattern mine???

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    that is a heavy question.
    I guess it depends on how close to the original each copy is
    Most "new" ideas are based on concepts we have seen before.
    As an example say you were making a Black Forest Cuckoo clock
    There have been lots of designs made before, many look alike. If you were to copy an entire clock and change the character on thr front from a deer to a woodsman, I would say that was an infringement of the original copyright.
    If you took elements from several clocks and made a new design, you could call it your own.
    But thats just my opinion. I havent been in trouble with the law yet
    This is certainly a very hot topic here. I am sure you will get lots of opinions.
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      I,as a consumer would say no,i wouldnt consider it a new pattern,and if i saw it labeled as such,would probably not purchase it.If i was a designer, I think I would be pretty upset with someone calling somthing of my design theirs,even if its only one part.Perhaps if you could get written approval from the designers who you are borrowing from,then it might be ethical,but as described in your post, I dont see it as right.
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        well my local library has scroll saw books i could easily photocoppy but that wouldnt stop me from buying a book im not going to coppy an entire book


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