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Can't leave well enough alone :D

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  • Can't leave well enough alone :D

    Well the topic of copyright has always been a hot one here on the forum.
    I was looking to do some Santa projects this year. I know Santa isn't copy written, heck I even have a suite of my own.

    I mentioned Santa as we know him is largely to do with Coca Cola.
    They got there original concept from a piece of art in Harper's Magazine
    This picture was done by Thomas Nast back in the late 1800s.

    Haddon Sundblom designed a Santa for Coca Cola which eventually, ended up being a self portrait.
    What a jolly old soul.

    As for me mentioning the red suite came from Coca Cola, Well I was wrong....gee that's a first .
    Lucky for Coke, they had the same colors as Santa

    I know traditionalists will say Kris Kringle and Saint Nicholas had their roots in other countries, but no one held a copyright of that either.
    Anyway Christmas is fast approaching, and there is some good reading out there on the topic of the Jolly old Soul.
    Happy Scrolling.
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    the similarities in those two pictures are quite evident arent they?
    Dale w/ yella saws


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