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    Hi Guys,

    My son and I just got back from a Men's Prayer Clinic and for the first time there set up a display table to sell our wares. For the 2 &1/2 day retreat we sold over $500.00 worth. Not to bad for our first 'gig' outside of our mini-booth. There was about 350 men there, no women. We put up mostly all 'christian' oriented items, with a few 'animals'. I had learned quickly that we need more $5-$10 items. They all went very quickly, a guy/man seems to have no thought of spending that out of his pocket, but the higher end items were difficult to go. And by higher I mean the $20-$30 range. I did get a few orders for mission display items as well. What was fun about the display was having my son there helping out, he got a kick out it all!

    ps. The prayer clinic was great too!

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    Way to go Grizz !!!!
    Personally I like scrolling Christian things better than the triditional - I seem to enjoy it more and find a inner peace when I scroll Christian ... Just rember to "pay" that son of yours for helping ..hope you break a millionaire bank someday with your work.


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      I agree Sharon, there's something about scrolling Christian pieces that relaxes me too! When people I know see the crosses I scroll, they ask if I've become a "born again Christian". I just tell them that they sell good. I get to enjoy scrolling them and the customers get to enjoy owning them.

      There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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        Originally posted by SharonW0111
        Just rember to "pay" that son of yours for helping ..hope you break a millionaire bank someday with your work.
        Don't worry, he didn't let me forget!


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          Nice job on the display and the items Grizz. You guys did great!
          You never know what will go in sales. Somedays you just don't have enough of a certain item and the next time it wont sell at all.
          It really depends on the venue too. If I try to sell things in the small city where I live I never really get much of a markup. If I go towards the bigger city, the same item will bring more money.
          When scrolling Christian pieces, each piece will have a certain meaning to the person who buys it, funny how the message is always the same but its appeal is different to everyone.
          Congratulations to you and your son. I hope the future brings much more of the joy you shared.
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            The display looks great. Good to hear you sold some items but most important you had fun doing it. The more you do events the more you learn how it is no science to figure out if you will do well. The market is so fickle these days. I like to do religious items also because they are inspirational when making and people seem to always look for them. Good luck with future shows and thanks for showing us.
            John T.


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              Carl & John T.

              Thanks for the encouragement!!!!!


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