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Anybody else having perculiar experiences with Toolbank on the web?

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  • Anybody else having perculiar experiences with Toolbank on the web?

    I´m slowly getting a bit frustrated.

    This is a U.K. company, selling tools using ToolBank. They have what I want, pretty expensive, but still.

    The first time, a few days ago when I tried to order, my postcode was rejected. So, I contacted ToolBank and after a few days they gave me their own to put in the appropriate field to fool the simple software, and then just include my real postcode in the address field.

    I tried placing my order, and got about halfways when I realized I had made
    a fault in the details I entered. So, I used the back button to go back and
    correct it. Said and done, but when I then tried to proceed using the dedicated button for this to update the information, I got once again all kinds of error messages.

    I then tried to abort ordering, logged out, emptied the temporary internet
    files from my web browser and went to their home page and did everything once again.

    Now their web shop decided I already had registered or bought something from them previously, and asked me to give the password for my email address. Ok, I did that, but it would not accept it!

    So then I tried the other route, clicking the link saying "I forgot my
    password". No luck here either, because now the system asked for my email
    address and my local know, the one that was rejected in the first place.

    I am getting a bit frustrated with the difficulty of placing an order to
    them. But I guess I just have to try working this out with their customer support once again, since I haven´t found any other European web shop that carries the items I´m looking for, all in one place.

    By the way, when I was looking around their web shop and picking things into the basket, some items first appeared in the basket and then disappeared when I had added something more...this is truly a psychedelic experience =)

    Anybody else "less than happy" with the ToolBank web shop software?

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    Seems nobody else has experienced the same with the ToolBank webshop software,good for you

    They do have a pretty fast customer service, always getting back to you in about 24 hours, that´s good.

    Also, I believe I finally got my order registered on their web shop today.


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