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Good Report - My Daughter's Status

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  • Good Report - My Daughter's Status

    Hello all, what a great day it is!

    My daughter was released from the hospital last night. They ran about a million tests and every single one of the tests say she is healthy as a horse.

    Together, all of us prayed this away! Thanks so much for the prayers, thoughts, wishes and good vibes, we asked and it happened.

    Again I don't know how to say just how much you all mean to mean and your concern and action concerning this scary time has meant.

    I am so blessed to be one of you.

    Hawk G4

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    That is such good news. The power of good thoughts is amazing. I'm very happy for you, your family, and your daughter. Congrats on the great news!
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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      Glad to hear! Prayer Works!
      The Journey is the Reward



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        Great news Tom. This just made my day.
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          Sweeeeeet great news Tom.......we are so blessed.
          Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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            Hi, cong on the great news and i been a away few days , but i read old post and like wow, thats so sad, but my my motto over workbench was ,when i had one was, live it was your last day, for tommorrow may never come,Everett.


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              Hi Tom,

              That's wonderful news. I'm glad to hear she's doing better.



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                Really glad to hear it Tom.


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                  great to hear. . . .
                  Grover D
                  RBI Hawk 226 and Dewalt 788



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                    Fantastic. Always nice to start the weekend with some happy news.


                    loving my DW788


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                      Great News Tom!!!!!
                      Zohar - probably the only one.

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                        That's great news Tom,a little less to worry about.
                        Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.Cliff


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                          with all of our prayers this will be a good year for you and hope it just keeps getting better for you all


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                            Great news Tom!!!


                            Nobody told me when I became an engineer that I wouldn't get to drive a train.


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                              whuuu. that is great Tom. that one is over , so glad to hear your little girl is ok.
                              you know Tom, you mean alot to us too. what happens to you. happens to us. now we can all sleep alittle better. your friend Evie


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