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  • Bandsaws

    I have been a woodcarver for 6 years and I still have the same problem I had year one. I have a small bandsaw and a small scroll saw. When I want to cut out something over 5 inches thick I can't because the saw will lock up and won't do any details. Do I need a larger bandsaw(industrial)? The scroll saw will only cut pieces 2 1/4 inches thick. Do I need a larger scroll saw? Or should I revert to a clamp and chisel or should I purchase a receprocation saw or should I purchase a arbotech? Please help. Thanks for any help, JoAnn

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    Re: Bandsaws

    Try re-adjusting the drive belt. And clean the blade wheels with some denatured alcohol. There is a glaze that builds up on the rubber wheels that causes the blades to slip.
    Of course, I would always tell the wife that it was shot, and I needed a new one!
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      Re: Bandsaws

      :P I doubt you will find a scroll saw that will take much more than 2-3' so a bigger bandsaw may be in order. Although you may want to check out the type of blade you are using. The thicker the material, the greater the spacing should be on your blade teeth. If you cut any green material, the blade can also accumulate sap and resin that will retard cutting action. I would remove the blade from the saw and clean it up in turpentine. DO NOT DO THIS WHILE THE BLADE IS ON THE MACHINE.


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