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    I am having a problem with my wood being too dry. When I bought it, I could feel the moisture in it (I live in the high deserts of New Mexico). After a week or so has passed the wood is _dry_ and I am having problems I didn't have 10 days ago. I only had an hour or two actual carving time last week so dull tools should not be an issue.

    At any rate I read that a 1:1 mix of alcohol and water sprayed on is the cure for the chipping I am seeing. Is this true? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Dry Wood

    :P I've heard about that alcohol/water mixture too, but it seems to me that the alcohol, being hydroscopic, would actually pull the moisture from the wood as it dries, making things worse! Maybe we should take a lesson from the cigar smokers. Put your project in an airtight plastic box with a small damp sponge. Don't let the sponge touch the wood, though. Put it in a warm place (I used to keep my cigars in a box that I put on top of the cable converter) and check often for signs of mold. If you see mold, wash with bleach. Don't do this with cigars, however!


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      Re: Dry Wood

      Just wet it down in the sink and put it in a plastic bag overnite
      until you start carving.This is what wedid at a seminar.I tried the Water and Alcohol spray it really softens a hard wood.


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        Re: Dry Wood

        I keep a spray bottle of alcohol and water mixture close by. It does help to soften dry or hard wood. I tried the wet paper towel in a baggie method, and almost lost a rough out to mold. I'm not saying it doesn't work, just need to keep a close eye on your wood.


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