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  • Birds house pattern

    There was a bird house pattern in one of the magazine, simple pattern for blue bird house made of eastern cedar.
    Iwent through all my copy of the magazine since 2009 and cannot find it.
    Would really appreciate if some body could point me in the right direction.
    Birds are waiting for their houses. SPring is here

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    I have all issues indexed but could not find.

    There are plans for Blue Bird Houses at

    Our club is involved with the local conservation authority and they use the Peterson Nesting Box

    When I was researching this project there is a club up in your neck of the woods that made over 400 of this design a few years ago as a fund raiser.

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      There are lots of plans of Blue bird house on-line. I volunteer once a month at the Eastern Bluebird Rescue group.

      We build 1,500 to 1,800 houses per session. We do that many in about 3 hours. The main factors on if a house will attract Blue Birds is the size of the box and the size of the hole. The picture below is similar to the design we use. A couple things that make ours different are:
      - We use 5/4 pine lumber. The wood comes from a processing plant that makes stair tread.
      - We put a piece of brown flashing around the entry hole. It prevent squirrels from chewing the hole and getting in.

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        Thank you for the help, will look at the above suggestion


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