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    Can anyone recommend a book or books for the beginner in scrolling. Something that may talk about the types of blades to use and types of wood for different projects.


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    You have the biggest book available by signing up. Search the Various threads and you can pretty much find all the information posted here some where. If not start a thread and watch the responses.

    This sight has been very helpfull since I have signed up.


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      Originally posted by hunterjjones
      Can anyone recommend a book or books for the beginner in scrolling. Something that may talk about the types of blades to use and types of wood for different projects.

      Let me first start by saying welcome to the forum. As mentioned, you do have a large source of information here at your fingertips. However, since you asked about books and blades specifically - here's my suggestion.

      When it comes to blades, there are several blade dealers who visit this board, asking them a specific question on blade use in the tools area may get you more information that is printed in any book. Olson blades also have a chart on their site which will suggest specific blades for specific wood / projects.

      When it comes to books, well "Scroll Saw Workbook" by John and Joyce Nelson is my suggestion. This book will take you step by step through a variety of scrollsaw techniques. There is a review on our site if you wish to read it, and I am sure (.ca) will have ample to say about it aswell.

      Hope this helps.

      Take care


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        I have always found book by Patrick Speilman to be excellent on this stuff.
        Check me out on the web:


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          thanks for all your input.I will sit down and think over all the questions on my mind>


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            Guess it depends on the kind of scrolling you plan on doing. There are books just to learn the scrollsaw, books on learning all the wonderful types of scrolling people do, etc. etc. Don't forget Fox Chapel has just about any type of book you might be looking for!


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              I agree with Janette, check Fox Chapel--good assortment of carving, woodburning, etc books as well.


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