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    Hi all

    I want to turn a picture of my boys into fretwork anyone know how to use the editing tool on siref photo plus progam I would like to thank you for any help possable.
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    Gary Browning has a book out on it (Scroll Saw Portraits), but there are several people on the site who make their own patterns. I know Canadian Scroller uses Serif a lot...perhaps he can help!



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      I use Corel Photo Shop Plus. If you don't have any luck, e-mail me the photo and I'll see what I can do with it.


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        Welcome to the forum Brian, you will enjoy it here.


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          Has anyone tried Coyote Stencil Shop, to make patterns from pictures?

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            Some love it, some think it a waste of money. I'm in the latter group. Good news is that you can download a trial version with the only limitation that you can't save your work. Personally, I'm not impressed with it.

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